Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking a Break from the Snow

This is how we do winter Cali/Hawaii style. Snow is fun, all good, pretty and such blah blah blah... but this sun loving family needed a break. Fortunately Flagstaff has the rockin-est activity center for families that has pool, slides, rockwall, gym, track, etc for 5 bones. Best part is it wasn't even crowded.

I was the creeper with the camera snapping pics of everyone, the other people in the pool weren't too sure about being captured in a strangers photos wearing their less-than-flattering-maillots-de-bains.



 Swimming lessons.

 Rachel testing out the big slides to see if it's a good idea for the kids. The result: it was dark and scary and not so much for the little ones. Thanks to the brave and mighty Rachel.

 "I guess I'm supposed to touch this thing as if it's fun or something. I'll do as you say."

 Eden's so cold and tired. The thrill is fading fast...

 Harper shows these fountains who's boss.

 Nanny dutifully keeping track and count of every human being. I think the water was too cold for her liking?!
 She fell asleep two seconds later and napped the entire second hour of swim. Easy escape.

Check out that young creeper photo bombing Summer's special moment! 


Lynnette said...

Tawny you captured each individual personality in these shots -- love it! I'm cold just looking at that last picture of Steph.... I also need to know where I can get me some Rachel abs? (Did she adopt her kids or what?) Phil's such a cute Daddy - looks like a fun day.

Thomas Rivers Puzey said...

Hear that Phil? The adjective used to describe you was "cute". I was thinking the same. Maybe you should consider working out?