Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flagstaff for Christmas 2012

Thanks to Susan, we have some unforgettable family memories for Christmas in Flagstaff. We missed Dave and Simone every bit of the way, but we can't really feel bad for them either with the massive adventure they're embarking on. 
 Day ONE is Gifts Gifts Gifts! Eden's excited face at her books and BACKPACK from Gaya!!!
 Little Elf Princess
 Eden's trademark look: big belly and skinny mince legs.
 Summer Evangeline as cute as a cartoon character.

 She's been coveting Teya's backpack since the start of the school year, this is a long awaited and very loved present, thanks MOM!
 Phil's too cool for school.
 Stephanie, when Eden saw this picture of you, in all sincerity with out my provocation she told me "J'aime Stephanie."
 A usual Brandon face. Intensity.
 Mother Daughter moment.

 Goldie Locks herself.
 Taking picture of a picture taker.
 She had so much fun all week I hardly saw her, she only came up for air to eat and then be put to bed... otherwise she was off too busy playing with all her cousins.
My Beautiful Besty-Westy-Schmesty
 Eating from a Tupperware container in the background of the bustle sporing a wild west piece... that's Rivs.
 Oddest but freaking greatest gift of the day from the Swengies to Steph was a massive map of the world that covers a whole wall.
 Nanny and Eden taking the first sled ride down the driveway.... we also suspect this is the moment Eden became wary of Nanny for three days asking for protection when she came near. Not to worry though, Eden's back in love now that the shock of the ride has worn off.
 Really, she's not warming up to this cold situation.
 Here's an idea, lets get some more layers on and see if that helps. Fetch the snow pants!
 This is where I laugh uncontrollably for minutes on end. She's has fat calves and can hardly move. I wonder what she looks like from other angles...

 ....Yep still super chunck and ridiculous.
 I love Nanny's face here, so happy.
 Teya and Ezra jumped right in and never left, you'd think Teya was used to the snow even though this is one of her first times in forever playing in it! Fearless and never cold, I envy her childhood indestructibility.

 Hah, and this Rad friggin snow suit of hers was the only single one I could find at Goodwill: a McQueen full body suit, c'mon it even lights up with the press of a button. Winner.
 Eden goes for protection from her Brave big Sis.

 Love this one.

 The forest surrounding out place was full of mule deer, snow squirrels that looked more like bushy tailed bunnies, and crows. Beautiful.
 We did a lot of this, SO MUCH OF THIS: making up for lost time by simply hanging out and talking, swapping stories and laughs, drinking gallons of warm tea and just chill. I think this was the best part of the trip.

Siblings, all so good good good looking.
 How do people survive with out a sister? I love sister love.

The progression of smirks in these three pictures is great...

 Warm dinners around the table every night. These kids aren't afraid of their veggies.
 This makes me happy.

 Borrowing Teya's tall socks. He's not been known to carry the reputation of Mr. Stylish.
 We're listening to one of Brandon's great stories... watch as the story gets closer and closer to the punch line.
 The story telling in action.

 There is it, the punchline.
 Rivs was also amused. Can you tell?
 The only two pics I have of me, proof I was there for the trip, and two is all that's needed.


susan catudal said...

What a wonderful pictoral( is that a real word?) of the get together! Thanks ,Tawny!Glad you snuck into 2 pics!

Steph said...

you sneaky paparazzi!! i didn't even realize you were snapping photos the whole time. glad you did though :)

Lynnette said...

This whole post made my day! From the super chunk of Eden's legs, to Teya's NASCAR snow suit and Phil's girly socks :) Awwwwe, good times with good people, that's the way to spend a holiday! Love seeing the smiling faces of the Catudal clan. Happy New Year to all of you, and come see us in Utah sometime!!

Kara Anderson said...

2 pictures.... 2! Come on man. I need to see your shinning face more often. But I loved all the other pictures! I wanted to be right there listening to all those funny stories and chilling with the gang. Looks like so much fun.

I don't know why, but the humidifier makes Rivs' picture even more hilarious. I don't know why it looks like something out of Duck Dynasty.

Teya in the snow! It's just too good. She's probably thinking, "this is supposed to be fun?". And you know what? That McQueen get up suits Teya, surprisingly. Can't believe you didn't already have snow clothes ;)

Hug Phil for me. I miss him