Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chloe's Birthday and I Got a Teddybear

Dec 28th is Chloe's birthday, so we made sure to make it a special day as to not be eclipsed by the Christmas fiascoes. After a day of playing, it was time for the best part: Birthday Ice Cream. Chloe doesn't like cake (she's not a normal child in many ways, all of which are good ways too) so ice cream was the request. I think a child savoring a good cone is one of my favorite things to watch. 
 Harper Face Lynn

Ezra my sweet Puppy 

Ms. Teya Drama as usual 

 Eden Schmeden 

 Ew, nast... but whatever makes a our kids dreams come true, so be it. 
 All together now.
 The Honorable Birthday Chloe
Eden is so Boss right now of the hangout. 
 Teya's been trying this new attitude on for size lately. I do not approve, however I can tell it's forced as I also know--because she tells me frequently--she wishes she were 16 and all that goes with it. NOOOOOOooooo.....

Want to know what I got for Christmas? A real life Teddy Bear. One that talks and walks and is scared of the snow.
 "You're putting in this poofy-stuff again? That means you're forcing me out in that neige stuff now right?"

 "Why oh why...?!!. I think I can... I think I can.. I think I can...."
 Edens smile! "I have no motivation for smiling at the moment. This is the best you're getting."
 "Just enjoy my sad cute Teddy face instead."

"okay, okay. Since my lips and cheeks are about all I can move right now anyway, here's a tiny one for ya. Cheese!"


Kara Anderson said...

I want a teddy bear too! I'm impresses you even go out and brave the snow. Jack and I don't set foot outdoors unless we are starving to death and HAVE to make a run to the grocery store. I wasn't cut out for long winters.

Teya is not even half way to sixteen! Give her a chill pill. She's not allowed to grow up before her time. I forbid it.

susan catudal said...

I was very impressed how all the kids took to the snow! Stuffing them into bulky snow pants and jackets is half the battle! the actually moving in them is the rest! Good job Eden!!!You ARE 1/2 Canadian ,after all!!!