Sunday, December 9, 2012

La fête de Teya

I love these sister moments, sharing a Popsicle and puzzles. 

This seems to be her new camera smile :) 
 Okay now where did she learn that shoulder pose....?
 Oh, right, of course!
 All together now, lets cheese it!
 This is Teya in anticipation of her friends coming over and the party starting, literally dancing like a maniac around the house and bursting with joy. I love seeing the birthday girl feel like a Queen for a day. 
 Some booty shake in front of the fireplace. Appropriate.
 Oh it feels so good to be 6! She told me later on, while dressed in her new head to toe outfit from Grandma Bella (Thanks Mom!) that she feels like she's 16, and that she thinks she looks like she's 16 too. Oh no.....

 We have a very similar picture of me sitting on a couch like this, around this age... and I kind of see a resemblance in her for the first time here. Ah, my girl. 
 Now for a photo-monologue of Teya's birthday enthusiasm. 

 Wow. That was intense. 
The first game of the party, Pin the Hair, Eyes, and Boots on Cartoon Teya. 
 The complete look.
 A genuine caught on camera reaction to the first gift I let her open, Steve Madden boots from G-ma Bella. Super super super win on this one Mom!
 Daddy comes home just in time, and he gets his "gros calin" from Eden. She's always the first to run up to him at the door. 

 After a successful game of pass the parcel, it's pressie time.
 'Sup homie?
 "Heavy heavy hang over thy poor head, what do you wish with a BUMP on the head?"
 Alex, from Spain, just moved here and in Teya's class at school. They are besties and I approve. He's a cute kid and they get along well. His Spanish is clearly flawless, so says Phil. Hm, now it's a toss up between him and Popo, but at least she has a consistent preference for foreigners. 
 Eden rightly doing what little munchkin sisters should do at birthday parties, slyly in the background sneak pressies when no one is looking and tear into them. (...remembering the old classic film of Jessie's 4th birthday girls?)
 Teya's other best friend here, Jordie. Phil on the couch there? Ya, he was dead asleep 5 minutes later and I took him to his room and tucked him under the covers. He slept the rest of the party. 

  I never got a picture of the sliced cake: It's alternating 2 purple and 2 white layers, vanilla-almond cake with cream cheese frosting. 

 After Teya left for a 2nd party at another friend's house (a Christmas movie sleepover party) Eden didn't leave this chateaux nor the pet shoppes the rest of the night.  
 The Spoils of the Night
One last gift to open. Is she really still small enough to fit inside a bag?

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susan catudal said...

what a fabulous montage of photos!!Eden's hair is getting So long!!I love Teya's enthusiasm! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!!!xxx