Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stratton's Turkey Bowl

Thanks for Devin's unyielding persistence and  persuasion, we all got outside for a grand Stratton Turkey Bowl. I love every picture because each action shot tells a different part of the story or catches someone's hilarious face... and be warned, there are 56.... I repeat FIFTY-SIX pictures.... that's a lot, but I included every one of them so each family could download the ones they wanted to keep. 
 Mom you're so Stinkin' cute and skinny!! Devin is Fired up, he wins the award for most serious and huddle master. 

 Although everyone made fun of me for being "paranoid" running around for 10 minutes trying to get my family properly bundled for the occasion, they all regretted it once they stepped outside and realized how frigid it was!


 Vanessa!!! (In every pic, be sure to notice the background, there are some funny moments...)

 Cody and Layla

Are you ready for this? SET..... 



 I found a scrumpling

The  Mamma Llama

 Save me!

Move it child! 

Vanessa's in the middle of a funny story I assume :) 

The Mass Brothers

 He's cuter than a cartoon character

 I look like I'm trying to flap my lurpy arms to the ball

An impending collision.... I'm terrified! 

 Cody is making fun of me mimicking a move i just pulled, Phil is amused

 Teya looks funny here

 Run Ava!!There's a monster behind you!!


 Phil's trying to eves-drop and Jessie is buzzing him off

 "Gaya" taking a turn in the baby corner

 Ava for the punt

 I'm on the illegal block against Devin as Phil runs Cohen with the ball to the goal!!

 it's working, it's working! hold on tight Cohen!!

 I love this one, apres kick!

 hahah Cohen is giving it his all... but Teya is getting away!

I'd promised her earlier I was going to take her down.... this picture is moments before I fulfilled that promise :) 

 I love the color of the sky because it's so appropriate with these two and their sky colored eyes!!

Moon boots never go out of style, 

 Found an easy way to contain them :)

 I Love this house

 Look at everyone's faces, we're all so happy!!!

 Look closely, Devin has lobbed the ball to Jessie... it's half way... is she going to catch it???

 YES!!!!!!!! Phil's in shock

Time to celebrate!!!


Kara Anderson said...

All these pictures are amazing! Can you send them to me on a disc or something? They can be my Christmas present. I want them ALL. I could copy and past them but I'll lose the clarity. Great photos Tawn-a-wan!!!

Vanessa Stratton said...

I love all of the pictures! It was so fun to see all of the candid moments! Good job Tawny! I'm glad you documented the family fun. Cohen crackes me up in these! Thank you Thank you! It's good to see a post form you too!

Sammie said...

These are sooo gosh darn cute i actually teared up! I love this family so much, it made me smile just looking at them all! I love the pics of jack in all the leaves with this little plastic rake it looks like he about to rake them up! I was wondering where kara and jack were during this game and you tawn! and where was papa ken?! I love these so much, what a blast! looks pretty chilly!! :) Love ALL of them AND YOU!

susan catudal said...

what a brilliant series of photos!!
As the only Canadian there ( well,I guess eden is 1/2 Canadian!)-hoe did Phil do ,having never played football??
I love the snow-capped mountains in the background.
Oh-and Eden's eclectic outfit-ready for any weather-rain,snow and the beach!!!!