Friday, November 30, 2012

Some of the Reasons

I've grown fond of Salem really quickly. I'm not sure I'd like to stay here forever.... let down deep roots.... the commitment-phobia to location hasn't left me yet. But it's charming here, just the right size of a city, it seems authentic and varied enough to be lots of fun for a few years.  
These are random images of the moments we spend here in Sizzalem
daddy daughter bonding time, this is what they do: practice pushups of course

 Lots of rainy skies also means lots of inside reading time for Teya, she loves it fortunately. She is very much into books now, we currently have 35 rented from the library!

 Eden's rainy day obsession is PUZZLES. In French they're called Head-Breakers, le casse-tete, and she loves mastering them, never ending repetition doesn't bother her

 Phil's rainy day obsession is TV. Duh.

 Bush Park, what Central Park is to NYC only appropriately scaled down to fit a Salem size city. Many long walks happen here.

 This isn't our neighborhood, I just like walking around these streets that have super old and charming houses on them, with great landscape architecture because stuff just grows here. This is an oooooooold house
 The everything must be red corner
 This is definitely a plant lovers paradise. 

 And an old Architecture lovers happy place

 Moss holds the city together I'm pretty sure, Salem's glue. It's on everything, even old trucks driving around. 

 I'll take that chimney

 There's too many of these, but they do stay outside.... so far anyway.....

 Craftsman house with these great plants

 Monstrosity tree with a deck build around it

 Gnarly tree, I want this one in my yard, any idea how i can get one??!! (same tree above and below)

We put up our tree when we got back from Utah.... we couldn't wait! It had to happen, it's been waiting in storage since Phil and I were engaged and it's all brand new, never used, super high quality. Teya of course soaked up the whole production and Eden even had a great time overloading the bottom branches with too many ornaments, but I left them all there. That's how it is :) My hands, however, are less happy as they are literally torn to shreds from setting the tree up while Eden napped. Small sacrifice to pay.

 There's only half and inch from the top of our tree to the ceiling. 


susan catudal said...

What gorgeous photos-you are such a great photographer!!!And that tree!!!Wow!! i guess Phil was outta sight when you set it up?

susan catudal said...

I looked at them all again--and again. You could be a professional photographer!!xxx

Kara Anderson said...

Its so fun to see what Salem is like! I'm glad that you are happy there. I feel the same way about Spokane. I like it and have really enjoyed exploring and experiencing new things here but I don't want to stay forever.

I LOVE your tree! We put ours up without any ornaments this year. Just the lights. Eden doesn't pull the ornaments off?!

Teya is just the cutest with all her reading! She was so proud to show me her new skillz over Thanksgiving. She is amazing!