Friday, October 5, 2012

We Went Fairy Hunting

For reals.

I'm still convinced that fairies exist (in one form or another) and now Teya is fully on board. I'm talking FULLY! She has fairy "sightings" every now and then, and we're always looking for clues as to where they'd live and what they'd use certain nature things for. You know what I'm talking about, take an acorn for example, I can think of 20 uses instantly that a fairy could do with one of those gems.

The afternoon I took these pics (phone pics thus poor quality) was particularly magical as the sun was at just the right position in the sky that it shown upon the secret realm for long enough to let us explore it. We waded up and down our favorite little creek I like to call Rivendale.

 Enter the land of Rivendale
 It starts with some water skeeter catching
 She's good, very quick hands! 

 Down this stream is where the fairies live...
 The proper attire
 Teya's such a stellar big sister, even though she's barefoot and there are pointy rocks, she's carrying Eden because Eden was a little nervous about trekking through this part
I love sister love. Eden's face makes me laugh. 
 Good-Bye my children
 I took a picture of myself basking, because I bask well, and I bask often. So this is an image of what it is that I do. Vanessa, the longing gaze into the distance is me sending a love message to you through the cosmos. 
This was the sweet spot, we saw much fairy action here... 

 See the surface of the water, you can make out the tiny shiny spots from where their feet are dancing across... do you see them? Do you see them?
 Of course, blackberries. It's not a park visit without them. 

So, Oregon holds true to it's reputation. Beautiful. This is just another park we frequent. 

 The same time I took this pic, I was calling 911 to come and fetch a couple of young kids that were hollering from an island in the middle of the river, saying they were stuck and cold... bizarre but they were also okay. All ended well. 
 This is the "more adventurous path" we take to Teya's favorite park (yes many many parks, so many) we wouldn't waste our time taking the boring paved path.
 It's not easy, that's what we like about it. Jungle adventures baby!!!

1 comment:

Kara Anderson said...

I went from laughing (at Eden's attire), to almost crying (at how sweet Teya was to carry her), to wonder (at those very convincing fairy feet dancing across the water), to admiration (at how beautiful the parks are), to shock (at the kids stuck on the island. What the?!).

I have decided that Oregon is IN FACT a cool place. I have also decided I need a daughter I can go fairy hunting with.

Of course you wouldn't take the beaten path! That would be totally out of character for you. I think that is the Catudal family motto; "take the path less trodden" or something of the like ;)