Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Chocolate Dance

About a month ago, we had chocolate pudding for dessert. I knew it wasn't going to be a tidy affair so we sat on the deck. It was epic.
 "Wait, what did you just give me..."
 "...because it's DELICIOUS!"
" I'm freaking out right now it's so good!"
 "You know what this chocolate stuff make me wanna do?"
 "JUMP! Jump as many times as I can for five solid minutes!"
 "Woa.. I'm starting to feel all dizzy... lemme see that picture taker you have..."
 "Co-co-caaaaaaaa! Co-co-ca for the wiiiiiiiiiiin!" (Eden calls chocolate "cococa")
 "Wait, what the....?"
 "Mom did you see this, it's all over me!"
 "I'm going craaaaazy! Baaaaaaa"
"What's happening to meeeeeee........"

After the sensory overload, a quick baby soaking took place and then she passed out in her big girl bed. No, I didn't spike the pudding either! She's seriously, seriously, in love with chocolate. (It was dark chocolate pudding too, cause that's the was we roll round here!)


Kara Anderson said...

This was SO epic! *palms up* "wait, what did you just give me... because it's delicious!" Made me laugh SO FREAKING HARD. (I love when I feed Jack a piece of candy and he does a double take, like "you really just fed me this deliciousness???")

She is definitely a woman. We have this... thing... with chocolate. It's like... like, part of our soul or something and when we taste it, we are being reunited with a piece of ourself.

The jumping shot was great. She's in the middle of having a cocoagasm. I totally get it. Life has so many amazing things to experience; sometimes the little chilluns get overwhelmed.

Jack experienced nearly the same thing when we were in the airport. He almost passed out every time a plane flew by. He was literally shaking. I thought he might have shaken baby syndrome from all the jumping he did.

Cody and Jessie said...

Oh my I'm dying!!! She is the funniest thing! And your narrative is hilar! I ove how obsessed she is with chocolate.. My kinda girl :) So glad u r blogging!!