Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Been a Long Time Comin...

Hiatus over. I'm back to keeping this personal family journal up to date for the sake of preserving memories and the Catudal history. I won't even try to play catch up from the year I took off. For now I'll pick up with the here and now, and as time goes by I'll sneak in a few of my favorite photo sequences and stories that never made it up here from the year of silence.

The Oregon Chapters Begin:

Let's start with Eden Rose. At 21 months, she's been talking up a storm these days. She made her first grammatically correct complete sentence last week: Il fait froid dehors. It's cold outside (directly translated: It makes cold outdoors.) and has several almost complete sentences she frequently uses like: beaucoup guy dans l'eau! Lots of spiders in the water! ("guy" is her nickname for spiders, her favorite creature, sorry Jessie!!)  Plus bon-bon magazin? to say More candy at the store? and then there's always her usual conversation when eating breakfast at the table as she looks at our picture board with all the extended families faces, "Ou est Nanny? (or Gaya, or La-La, or any other loved ones name) Nanny bye-bye vrooom!" to say Where is Nanny? Nanny went bye-bye in the car. (this one makes me kind of sad... )

She plays imaginary, understands the numbers un, deux, trois, a few of her colors, and still thinks Teya is the funniest person in the world. 

I obviously can't get enough of her face. 

 sourire avec tes dents! Smile with your teeth!

 I miraculously got two french braids in her hair today... si mignonne

 She was quite the cooperate model today, rare... i wasn't posing her either.