Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Love!

Thanks to my friend Kathy, I have some new wonderful pictures of the girls in my life! We gather for a cooking group once a week, and sometimes the food is the second attraction as the CUTE babies steal the show :) Below you know Teya and Eden. The Korean baby is Joo-eun, 3 months old, I watch her for 2 hours each day and LOVE her... we want to keep her! Teya is smitten too, when she gets home from schol I basically can't touch Joo because Teya hogs her the whole time! The other cutie is Mafa, she's only a couple weeks younger than Eden, they're buddies together. She is Repeka's little girl, and of Greek, Samoan, New Zealand decent. She also wins the awesome hair award, only hers is curly where Joo-euns is stick straight!


Kara Anderson said...

I love that Eden is never wearing clothes! Less laundry right? The ruffle diaper cover is killer. KILLER. Are you making funny faces on her or trying to show us her pearly whites? Teya seems like such a great big sister. Look how she patiently gets squashed by Eden's chubbiness. And yes, I've said it once but i'm going to say it again, Joo-eun's hair is ridiculously cool.

Cody and Jessie said...

Looooooove all the pictures!! Teya I getting so big and pretty, I can't stand it. Eden is a DOLL! I Think she ha a lot of you in her :) I'm still not over Joo's hair, it's amazing. Thanks for posting!! I've been needing a photo fix of your kiddos.

Kara Anderson said...

I just had to come back and look at this because it's THAT awesome. Eden is so teeny and chubby! I can't believe how fast they change. So sad!