Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is How Eden Eats an Ice Cream

My camera that served me loyally for a good 5 years is. . . DEAD! :(  Still in it's prime, it took a fatal blow of water to the face. It's not cinch to replace either, this was one of them top-o'-the-line-type cameras. Here is where I remind you I'm also sans a cell phone. That one was STOLEN. I'm not doing too well in the technology department right now. Beeehg! So I don't know what's happening on that front for a while... maybe Phil will make a small fortune next semester and we'll be at a loss what to do with all our extra cash money flow. Then I can rejoin the world of technology.  But in the meantime I'll post pictures I've had on file that have never before been seen. Exciting no?

This montage is from our first week here in Quebec, one month ago:

Wild Willy's Ice Cream Parlor has a new fan.
This is how she do-- how she do--

And this is how the rest of them do--  how they do--


susan catudal said...

now we need a montage of Amir's shish taouks ,smoked meat Petes and Leblanc patates

Kara Anderson said...

Oh the faces! She's a hoot. How do you not squeeze her constantly? And she has teeth I've never seen before! What a big girl :)