Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Memory Lane Down "Against The Wall"

Seeing as I am still without a camera, and I'm not a good enough writer or have an interesting enough p.o.v to post without pictures (because let's face it that'd just be boring), I decided to catch up on some old picture sequences that I love but have never shared with the family.

In honor of our brother's new TV series on Lifetime (Bravo in Canada) called Against the Wall, I've decided to make this a shout out to him. Starring Brandon Quinn Swierenga, aka B. Swengy, I give you my first "Memory Lane" post: 

The day Phil and I were married, just as we left the house for the wedding location, B. Swengy chugged his energy drink in one fell swoop before jumping into the groom's truck.

This is the dance sequence that has since been dubbed "Brandon Gets His Wings"

If you need a little more of the Brandon Quinn love, first check out the pics below then tune in on SUNDAYS at 10pm on LIFETIME to watch Against the Wall, catch up with the first episodes on HULU, and in you're in Canada you can find it on Bravo. 

Rider from Tangled originally got his moves from Brandon .

The picture below never fails to make me laugh out loud when I see it. He's so genuinely happy for us here he's just beaming with pride, practically resting his chin on my shoulder, a little creeper in the background, as he listens to us talk to someone else!! Love it!!

The GQ Boyz

Bruddas Three


susan catudal said...

Maybe one day,when Bran is famous--you can make a mintload of money from those photos!!!! Meanwhile--its fun to look at them.Love the dance sequence!

brandon said...

Maybe 'ONE DAY' when I'm 'FAMOUS' Sue!?!?
Uhhhh - did you NOT listen to that radio interview I did for that small town in Poe-Dunk Nebraska?? I'm on top of the world Baby!!!
Tawn-Dawg that pic progression and post was hilarious! I forgot about that, I was supper JAZZED at your wedding because of that drank, I just wanted to dance!
That pic with me in the back round is flat out creepy...
Thanks for the shout out! Love ya guys!!