Saturday, September 24, 2011

Down Lake Powell Memory Lane

The next sequence of photos I've had in my vault, but have never yet shared, is an episode at Lake Powell the summer of 2010. It was almost exactly one year ago to the date. I remembered this funny story line of pictures because Mom and Dad just returned from the annual Lake Powell trip, only this year they went SANS CHILDREN! They are official empty nesters now, so they enjoyed Heaven on Earth by themselves (and their two closest couple-friends.) 

It began like any other typical day at Powell, but quickly transformed... well... the pictures tell the story better than I do.


Mom and Dad prepping for a lovely tube ride.

Dad has a burst of energy and starts getting risky

...but the risk was misjudged and he quickly fell off. Notice the splash of water behind moms tube :)

Round two, go! 

Phil has entered the scene. His first tube ride with the Stratton family, his first time at Lake Powell. He must be initiated. 

There's a brief moment of calm before...

...the first strike! 

(This is a good one just for the faces they're making )

Dad hops onto Phil's tube and starts yanking on his wrist

But Phil ditches Dad and leaves him on his own. Dad looks euphoric

Phil has joined the safety of Mom's tube... they think they're safe...

...but Dad's not through and he's got a plan!

 I can't remember what happens next, but somehow they end up on the same tube again and it's all out war! Hold on Phil!!


In the meantime, Mom's just smiling and enjoying the show

They both put up a good fight, but the end is near....


INTERMISSION: This is the part where I was laughing way too hard to take any pictures. Dad getting dragged behind the tube loses his board-shorts and it's a bright full moon in the middle of the day!! We're all busting our guts with laughter as he hitches up his britches!!

That's the end of the Great Battle. A split moment is caught on film of Mom and Phil's survival, still laughing. Dad was a good sport about it, nothing to be ashamed about having his tiny little hatchet-butt making a brief appearance. 

 Nice driving Quasimodo. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Memory Lane Down "Against The Wall"

Seeing as I am still without a camera, and I'm not a good enough writer or have an interesting enough p.o.v to post without pictures (because let's face it that'd just be boring), I decided to catch up on some old picture sequences that I love but have never shared with the family.

In honor of our brother's new TV series on Lifetime (Bravo in Canada) called Against the Wall, I've decided to make this a shout out to him. Starring Brandon Quinn Swierenga, aka B. Swengy, I give you my first "Memory Lane" post: 

The day Phil and I were married, just as we left the house for the wedding location, B. Swengy chugged his energy drink in one fell swoop before jumping into the groom's truck.

This is the dance sequence that has since been dubbed "Brandon Gets His Wings"

If you need a little more of the Brandon Quinn love, first check out the pics below then tune in on SUNDAYS at 10pm on LIFETIME to watch Against the Wall, catch up with the first episodes on HULU, and in you're in Canada you can find it on Bravo. 

Rider from Tangled originally got his moves from Brandon .

The picture below never fails to make me laugh out loud when I see it. He's so genuinely happy for us here he's just beaming with pride, practically resting his chin on my shoulder, a little creeper in the background, as he listens to us talk to someone else!! Love it!!

The GQ Boyz

Bruddas Three

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is How Eden Eats an Ice Cream

My camera that served me loyally for a good 5 years is. . . DEAD! :(  Still in it's prime, it took a fatal blow of water to the face. It's not cinch to replace either, this was one of them top-o'-the-line-type cameras. Here is where I remind you I'm also sans a cell phone. That one was STOLEN. I'm not doing too well in the technology department right now. Beeehg! So I don't know what's happening on that front for a while... maybe Phil will make a small fortune next semester and we'll be at a loss what to do with all our extra cash money flow. Then I can rejoin the world of technology.  But in the meantime I'll post pictures I've had on file that have never before been seen. Exciting no?

This montage is from our first week here in Quebec, one month ago:

Wild Willy's Ice Cream Parlor has a new fan.
This is how she do-- how she do--

And this is how the rest of them do--  how they do--