Monday, July 4, 2011

Teya's Quote of the Day

I took this picture so Teya could see what her hair style looks like, the following conversation went a little something like this:
 Me: You look so pretty! Such a little woman!
Teya: When I grow up are the boys gonna wanna marry me?
Me: I bet they will, but you have to be careful and choose only the best one! You should marry nicest, smartest, most handsome boy.
Teya: Only one?But I want two!
Me: You can't have two husbands, that's silly.
Teya: No it's not, I'll just get a humongous bed.

I used to be in the bad habit of using a Germanic cuss word (sorry Mom) whenever something would drop, spill, break.... you get the idea. It starts with "Sch" and rhymes with "eisse." I quit the habit when Teya was about 2 years old so she wouldn't take to repeating it. Pat myself on the back, pat pat pat.... until about a week ago Teya's super memory kicked in and she starts using a new word whenever SHE spills something, which is frequently.
She spills her milk and in a hushed frustrated tone I hear "say-sha..."
Then next day she spills her granola, again "say-sha!"

I'm not going to correct her mispronunciation on this one. Best to leave it be.


susan catudal said...

That is priceless!!That girl knows what she wants!!!!
LOVE her hair!!I wish mine fell so nicely into a style!!
We are going to have so much fun!!Phil can teach Teya some French Canadian cusswords!!
sacre bleu! tabernac!

Tanya said...

that is an awesome quote, I love that! Kevin says he is not getting married because he would have to kiss a girl and that is gross, lol...adam on the other hand said he already wants to kiss girls so he will get married next week, LOL...I love kid banter