Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday = Family Day

Husbands MIA is the name of the game with summer sales. It's Monday through Saturday all-systems-go... even frequently pulling a 9am to 10 pm shift of Saturdays! Thus, Sundays are even more relaxing and special to us now. Teya has repeatedly told me that Sunday's are her favorite days because she "gets to go be in Jesus' house" and because she can "see Daddy lots on that day."

Eden loves her Daddy too. She was in heaven getting nuzzels and kisses. She held that happy face the entire time :)

Dimples are a good thing.

Rachel says Phil resembles Pierre in this picture. Makes me happy :)

Here comes Teya careening down the hillside from a walk with the Puzys. My first thought was "why is she shoe-less?!"  My second thought "She's gonna die!" Luckily, and shockingly, she managed to slow to a halt with out injury. (only the heavens know the amount of time and money and energy lost/wasted into getting Teya in a pair of shoes. She's truly a barefoot wonder!)

Moments later the Puzys emerge. All with their shoes ON...

... cool shoes might I add. Look at this hip family. But not intentionally hip, that's important ;)

I think Harper gets her stride from her mother

Gimme some love my little scrump nugget!

 Recognize the little lake slash big pond in the background? You guessed it, Kincaid!


susan catudal said...

Once again,you outdo yourself with wondeful photos,capturing precious moments!!!
It's true-in a number of those profile shots of Phil,he does look a lot like his Dad--but also a lot like MY Dad,as a young man!
Can't wait to see you all so soon!!!

Sarah said...

I love your remark about "not being intentionally hip" because that's so true. Good style is very effortless on someone. It just is them.

PAUL + ALICIA said...

We miss you guys!! Im so glad you guys are having fun!


ahhhh!!! i miss that little chubba wubba so much! i want to eat her face... think she'd mind?

Lynnette said...

Fantastic pictures Tawny! Alaska makes a beautiful background for the cute faces of your family! I'm curious to know if it's chilly or warm - Phil is wearing board shorts and a pretty serious jacket ;) Loves to all of you!!!!!

Kara Anderson said...

Eden really does look blissfully happy with daddy :) And Teya always has the greatest action photos!

Tanya said...

beautiful pictures. Your family is so cute! We miss you guys too and your girls are so so so so adorable, I too just want to eat them up :D