Friday, July 29, 2011

Could This All Be Ending??

We only have three more days to spend in Alaska. What?! Didn't we just get here? That's the nature of the summer sales game I guess... the last few weeks we've heard new "change of plans" stories coming from the office every day, each different from the last. When the confusion and dust were finally settled our family's new plans go something like this: finish sales at the end of July, spend August in Phil's hometown of  Montreal, then jet set back to Hawaii in time for Phil and Teya to start school. Phil is ecstatic to go back to his home, besides a brief two weeks after his mission, he hasn't been there in five years! The majority of our conversations now revolve around the food of Montreal, because that's what he misses most. Friends, family, places, ya ya ya, blah blah blah.... but the food! Oh how he misses the food!

Still, I'm going to miss the world of the last frontier. It's been good to us up here in every way.
On our last visit to the beloved Kincaid Park Eden got to try her first ice cream cone. It's been legit hot here for a couple weeks so the temperature called for it.

She was confused and delighted. 

Her face upon realizing the cone was gone. I didn't want her to sugar overdose on her first encounter.

Now her post ice cream euphoria state :) She looks cream drunk!

 Ah, I already miss this happy quaint little lake pond!

 Teya performing some of her latest magical spells.

Harper flying through the air as usual.



Cute :)


Lynnette said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! The girls look so happy and carefree. Eden is sitting up so good and her expressions are priceless. Teya is my little beauty and natural fashionista. Hope nobody is watching me because i'm about to hug the computer screen...

Kara Anderson said...

Look how cute Eden's hair is! It's growing in so cute :) She has the funniest faces ever. I'll bet they're even better in person. I want to MUNCH her. Feel free to ship the girls our way whenever you want. I miss you all!

susan catudal said...

they will all be MINE soon!!!In a few days!! So happy that it all turned out so great in Alaska-I dont think any of you anticipated it being so amazing!!
And now on to the next adventure-Montreal!!!
I hope some day we can all roam around London together--my favourite city in the world!!!
Se you real,real soon--and be prepared for my newly stronger English accent!!Cheers!