Friday, July 29, 2011

Could This All Be Ending??

We only have three more days to spend in Alaska. What?! Didn't we just get here? That's the nature of the summer sales game I guess... the last few weeks we've heard new "change of plans" stories coming from the office every day, each different from the last. When the confusion and dust were finally settled our family's new plans go something like this: finish sales at the end of July, spend August in Phil's hometown of  Montreal, then jet set back to Hawaii in time for Phil and Teya to start school. Phil is ecstatic to go back to his home, besides a brief two weeks after his mission, he hasn't been there in five years! The majority of our conversations now revolve around the food of Montreal, because that's what he misses most. Friends, family, places, ya ya ya, blah blah blah.... but the food! Oh how he misses the food!

Still, I'm going to miss the world of the last frontier. It's been good to us up here in every way.
On our last visit to the beloved Kincaid Park Eden got to try her first ice cream cone. It's been legit hot here for a couple weeks so the temperature called for it.

She was confused and delighted. 

Her face upon realizing the cone was gone. I didn't want her to sugar overdose on her first encounter.

Now her post ice cream euphoria state :) She looks cream drunk!

 Ah, I already miss this happy quaint little lake pond!

 Teya performing some of her latest magical spells.

Harper flying through the air as usual.



Cute :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday = Family Day

Husbands MIA is the name of the game with summer sales. It's Monday through Saturday all-systems-go... even frequently pulling a 9am to 10 pm shift of Saturdays! Thus, Sundays are even more relaxing and special to us now. Teya has repeatedly told me that Sunday's are her favorite days because she "gets to go be in Jesus' house" and because she can "see Daddy lots on that day."

Eden loves her Daddy too. She was in heaven getting nuzzels and kisses. She held that happy face the entire time :)

Dimples are a good thing.

Rachel says Phil resembles Pierre in this picture. Makes me happy :)

Here comes Teya careening down the hillside from a walk with the Puzys. My first thought was "why is she shoe-less?!"  My second thought "She's gonna die!" Luckily, and shockingly, she managed to slow to a halt with out injury. (only the heavens know the amount of time and money and energy lost/wasted into getting Teya in a pair of shoes. She's truly a barefoot wonder!)

Moments later the Puzys emerge. All with their shoes ON...

... cool shoes might I add. Look at this hip family. But not intentionally hip, that's important ;)

I think Harper gets her stride from her mother

Gimme some love my little scrump nugget!

 Recognize the little lake slash big pond in the background? You guessed it, Kincaid!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Give You: Kincaid Park

Steph and I have found the sweet spot. The pass the day enjoyably, easily, and freely sweet spot. Ten minutes from our house, on the very end of the peninsula is a large forest park area called Kincaid, and right in the middle is this fresh spring water lake... well it's right on the boarder of being a small lake/big pond. It has Lilly pads, but it also houses massive fish, so I cant decide. 

The point is, we take the girls here several times a week, and each time a few good hours pass before we even realize it! What happens at Kincaid park? Well, allow me to enlighten you with a plethora of pictures:
 Steph plays the "Big Mamma from Costa Rica game" with Eden, it's the same thing said Big Mamma used to do with Harper when they lived there :)

 Eden continues to look ravishing in her real Minnetonka moccasins... something to the left has captured their attention...

 Harper befriends old men and their dogs

 Teya befriends everyone and their dogs. Literally everyone.

 Teya is off to see the Cool Kids on the Dock ;)

 She prefers hanging out with these guys because, ya know, she's just one of them... in her own mind anyway

 I went over there for a while to observe the situation, and they all really liked Teya. They included her in their conversations and let her hold the poles. 

 Consoling her buddy, "You'll get that fish soon..."

 We wade in the water. 

 This genuine Alaskan mountain man emerges from the woods holding a small log high in the air like a baton, all the while his dog is frantically barking. This goes on for ten minutes because the old man walks so slow. They reach the waters edge and finally the small log is tossed into the lake so the dog can not die from anticipation and go fetch! 

 They only hang around for ten minutes before slowly, but surely, disappearing back into the woods. Steph and I have witnessed this routine on four separate occasions. All we know is we like him. Now, when from afar off a familiar excitedly yapping dog can be heard, WE start to get excited too! 

 I play with chubby Corgis.

 HarpFace stomps around

 Eden Schmeden sleeps

 Alaskans come in bikinis and trunks to tan. Nope, I did not photo shop this picture... that's just what happens to skin after a long dark arctic winter. Light is actually reflecting off his chest... maybe he's  a Twilight vampire?

 Hard core

 Teya makes new friends

 Teeny tiny baby toes test out the frigid water

 Eden's little pucker face for the win!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Teya's Quote of the Day

I took this picture so Teya could see what her hair style looks like, the following conversation went a little something like this:
 Me: You look so pretty! Such a little woman!
Teya: When I grow up are the boys gonna wanna marry me?
Me: I bet they will, but you have to be careful and choose only the best one! You should marry nicest, smartest, most handsome boy.
Teya: Only one?But I want two!
Me: You can't have two husbands, that's silly.
Teya: No it's not, I'll just get a humongous bed.

I used to be in the bad habit of using a Germanic cuss word (sorry Mom) whenever something would drop, spill, break.... you get the idea. It starts with "Sch" and rhymes with "eisse." I quit the habit when Teya was about 2 years old so she wouldn't take to repeating it. Pat myself on the back, pat pat pat.... until about a week ago Teya's super memory kicked in and she starts using a new word whenever SHE spills something, which is frequently.
She spills her milk and in a hushed frustrated tone I hear "say-sha..."
Then next day she spills her granola, again "say-sha!"

I'm not going to correct her mispronunciation on this one. Best to leave it be.