Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teya's Quote of the Day

The darnedest things come out of Teya's 4 year old mind! They birth in her sharp witty little brain, travel down onto her face, then come shooting out of her mouth at full force before I have a split second of prep time! I already regret not recording her words, thoughts, and quotes from when she began to talk because from the beginning she's had us laughing and now those moments are lost to a cluttered foggy memory. Therefor, I put it of no more and introduce to you my new daily quip: Teya's Quite of the Day, aka TQD!

Today's TQD:

She received a tiny barbie from Nanny in the mail yesterday. Upon discovering her new toy had a flower printed on the rear of it's panties Teya announces, "She that flower mom? It's because she's super. Super-dishious!"     *Italics for how Teya emphasized it.


susan catudal said...

That's so cute!!!And now it is recorded for Posterity!!!

Lynnette said...

Wish I had recorded the funny things you kids said! Good plan mommy - keep it up!