Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Most Important Farewell

If you live approx 1,311 miles North of the Equator and you're about to move to a new home that approx 1,122 nautical miles from the North Pole, how would you spend your last day in Hawaii?

Visiting Ono Yo of course! Not only are we going to simply miss our fave frozen yogurt indulgence, we're going to be living in a place where it probably doesn't even exist. Frozen Yogurt in Alaska? Doubt it. I'll bet there's a hot soup truck, or a fish jerky truck, or caribou sausage truck... anyone? anyone?...  but no frozen treats truck.
Although the move is temporary, we had some important good-bye's to attend to, or see-you-a-lot-later's, and this was the last one.

Everything tastes better when you use your hands

Eden still has to watch from the sidelines, maybe by the time we return she'll be read for her first frozen yogurt?

Teya's beautiful fairy crown that an auntie painted on her that morning

Nom nom nom nom!! You can see 'Ol Blue there in the background, she's our beaut! She's being babysat while we're gone by the trusted Aaron Puzy :)

More nom nom nom.  I'm kind of a mongrel on this pic...

...and I was even more mongroly here, so some cropping had to happen... Steph looks too fabulous!!

Mmm, I'll give a nom nom to that handsome gaze too!


susan catudal said...

I miss you all!!!I miss Ono Yo. I miss Hawaii!!!
Great photos!!

Sarah said...

It's not possible for you to look like a mongrel, Tawny, because you're beautiful! I am excited to hear about your adventures in Alaska. Kate Clark lives there. Will you be anywhere near her? Hmmm . . . I wonder.

I have the same sentiments as Susan. I miss you!