Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life in the Last Frontier

 We made it! We're in Alaska! The first two weeks have gone a little something like this: spend the mornings slowly with Phil and the girls, send Phil off to work at noon, dilly-dally the day away with Steph and the kids with local explorations, welcome Phil back around 10 pm and call it a day! That's the set routine for the next three months here, it's low key which keeps in line with the pace of life in Hawaii.  It never gets dark, only a soft twilight from 1am to 3 am, so my mind doesn't want to stop. It's hard to get tired and I feel like I should keep going and going... at midnight I'm ready for another dinner!  The local Alaskan folk are so openly unabashedly nice Phil and I joke we must be living at the real Big Rock Candy Mountain, where the buzzin' of the bees in the cigarette trees near the soda water fountain, at the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings on the Big Rock Candy Mountains!

I also experienced my first real earthquake here in AK! It was about a five and half on the scale, everything in the house was swaying and banging.  I was sitting on the bed with Eden so I hunched over her, Teya came running in from the dining area where she was eating breakfast scared and confused, and Phil was just stepping out of the shower. It felt very weird and powerful. It kinda messes with your mind to feel the whole earth around you moving... I felt very small and vulnerable.

That's about it. So far. More adventures to come, and you can bet they'll  be all crazy up in hrr!!!

The quaint Anchorage Zoo which features arctic wildlife. It's small and simple and I like that when my intention of going to a zoo is to give the little ones a place to run and see a creature every few feet. 

 Best of Buddies

 Harp Face dropped a thing, so the fearless and rebellious Steph crossed over the fence, THE FENCE, to retrieve it from under the bridge.

Got it!

Teya dressed in everything Ava!

Caribou behind us before they're turned into sausages up here. Sad :( Gross!

Teya is turning into a mighty big sister. I left the room for a moment leaving Eden on the floor only to return to this: Teya had grabbed Eden so she could join her watching Les Aventures de Tin Tin. She's only 4 years old, but she already makes a wonderful baby sitter... for about 10 minutes until she forgets Edens a real human and starts using her as a doll!
Check out those steller pants Eden has on! Nanny found them for only 1$

Eden was really into the show for a moment....

...but then she remembered she's just a chubby slubby baby so she re-assumed the slouch position most comfortable for soft squishy yummy nuggs!

I leave you. Goodnight.


susan catudal said...

great photos!!!I wish I could come up and see you and experience in the Great North. I've been to the lower areas,on a cruise,and that was majestic enough,but i didnt see any wild life or experience the midnight sun! Eden is looking so big!!Glad the funky pants fit her!!

Sarah said...

That picture of Teya curled up on the couch with Eden melts my heart. I just love seeing sisters being sweet to each other. Josie can be so sweet (and sometimes mean) to Lu and Clem, but that sisterly bond is so strong, I hope they turn out such good friends as they get older, like me and my sisters and you and your sisters.