Tuesday, June 21, 2011

J'ai tué les cheveux!

A little piece of my heart was chopped Saturday night.... over 15 curly golden brown inches of my heart!

Teya was born with a beautiful head of thick black hair. She did pretty good as a baby at keeping that hair and it  kept on growing into silky luscious baby curls. I loved running my fingers through her soft baby locks. I could never bear to cut her hair and luckily there was never a need. So fast forward to now and at age 4 1/2 she still had never had a pair of scissors come to her hair, not even close to her hair! They were banned. I'd taken out a restriction order on them: no scissors within 100 feet of her hair.  It was working well for us, in Hawaii her hair flourished with the humidity and the salt water. Sure there were snarls from the waves and the jungle play, but nothing I couldn't handle. Her long hair was perfectly suitable for fitting into the Polynesian culture as well... all the more reason to keep it in place!

Take this beautiful load of hair out of the Hawaiian climate and transplant it to the dry Alaskan air.... not good :'(  I could see it coming when we got here two weeks ago. Day after day the thought crept closer and closer to the front of my mind until it was bearing down on me full force! I couldn't hide from it any longer. I had to... cut... Teya's hair! It simply became impossible to maintain. No matter the amount of conditioner I slobbed on there, the hours spent brushing it, the braids and buns I manipulated it into, it wasn't enough. It's so dry and cold up here that her hair all became brittle and a mangy mess of tangles 24/7! She looked like my orphan child even less than an hour after trying to fix her hair. I'd finally lost the battle. 

So when I finally make a decision... I make a decision. This was no time for a trim. It's time for a dramatic short cut! Teya jumped right on board with the idea, she got really excited as I let her browse pictures online to show me her favorite looks. 

The moment of truth.... drum roll please.....

 The last seconds of the baby hair's life
 Bye Bye mangled mess of snarls!
 Her reaction upon looking in the mirror
 In the end I cut about a foot and a half of hair
Gimme some over-the-shoulder-glances :)

I love it, but more importantly Teya loves it. She feels like a superstar! It's darling and she looks so much older all if the sudden! The best part is it takes seconds to do instead of 40 minutes. I have better things to do with my time. 

 And there you have it, the longest story you've ever endured about a child's mane of hair!

 Look, it has such movement and volume!

  Teya's kind of on an over-the-shoulder-glance kick as you can see.

And one more for the road!! In the end, Teya still is Teya with or with out 3 feet of hair :)
 I leave you.


susan catudal said...

I LOVE Teya's new 'do'. Very suave!!

Kara Anderson said...

She does look older! So pretty :) I'm glad it wasn't a horrific experience for her and that she was super excited. I love that you had NEVER cut her hair until now. I was telling Todd and he didn't believe me. He thought I was exaggerating.

Cody and Jessie said...

Love the new do!! She really does look older! That's such a big deal you actually chopped her hair, way to go for it! I wish so bad I could see her in person.. I MISS my T-face.

PAUL + ALICIA said...

She looks so cute!! I love the new look!! Hope you guys are enjoying it up there!

Brett, Cassie, Taylor & Jack said...

so cute I love it. Taylor keeps asking about playing with Teya. You guys need to come swim at our pool sometime! when do you get back? miss u guys!

Lynnette said...

Teya's hair looks great! Love it! She would look cute bald, I'm pretty sure ;D It does make her look kindergarten-ready and it's so shiny and healthy looking! Good job on documenting the event...


oh my teya!!! i LOVE it... it's crazy though, she really looks like a different little girl! miss you guys terribly! tell teya not to forget me and give the little squish a kiss from her godmother...

Judy Schneider said...

Teya is just beautiful with or without the long hair.

Sarah said...

Good choice of haircut style! I mean, if you have to chop off her beautiful hair, you chose a great 'do! But everyone's right, Teya would look beautiful with no hair.

Maybe one day when she's in high school, she'll write a journal entry as a seminary assignment, writing that her hair is one of her 3 best traits . . . or perhaps she won't be as vain as I was in high school. Ha!