Tuesday, June 21, 2011

J'ai tué les cheveux!

A little piece of my heart was chopped Saturday night.... over 15 curly golden brown inches of my heart!

Teya was born with a beautiful head of thick black hair. She did pretty good as a baby at keeping that hair and it  kept on growing into silky luscious baby curls. I loved running my fingers through her soft baby locks. I could never bear to cut her hair and luckily there was never a need. So fast forward to now and at age 4 1/2 she still had never had a pair of scissors come to her hair, not even close to her hair! They were banned. I'd taken out a restriction order on them: no scissors within 100 feet of her hair.  It was working well for us, in Hawaii her hair flourished with the humidity and the salt water. Sure there were snarls from the waves and the jungle play, but nothing I couldn't handle. Her long hair was perfectly suitable for fitting into the Polynesian culture as well... all the more reason to keep it in place!

Take this beautiful load of hair out of the Hawaiian climate and transplant it to the dry Alaskan air.... not good :'(  I could see it coming when we got here two weeks ago. Day after day the thought crept closer and closer to the front of my mind until it was bearing down on me full force! I couldn't hide from it any longer. I had to... cut... Teya's hair! It simply became impossible to maintain. No matter the amount of conditioner I slobbed on there, the hours spent brushing it, the braids and buns I manipulated it into, it wasn't enough. It's so dry and cold up here that her hair all became brittle and a mangy mess of tangles 24/7! She looked like my orphan child even less than an hour after trying to fix her hair. I'd finally lost the battle. 

So when I finally make a decision... I make a decision. This was no time for a trim. It's time for a dramatic short cut! Teya jumped right on board with the idea, she got really excited as I let her browse pictures online to show me her favorite looks. 

The moment of truth.... drum roll please.....

 The last seconds of the baby hair's life
 Bye Bye mangled mess of snarls!
 Her reaction upon looking in the mirror
 In the end I cut about a foot and a half of hair
Gimme some over-the-shoulder-glances :)

I love it, but more importantly Teya loves it. She feels like a superstar! It's darling and she looks so much older all if the sudden! The best part is it takes seconds to do instead of 40 minutes. I have better things to do with my time. 

 And there you have it, the longest story you've ever endured about a child's mane of hair!

 Look, it has such movement and volume!

  Teya's kind of on an over-the-shoulder-glance kick as you can see.

And one more for the road!! In the end, Teya still is Teya with or with out 3 feet of hair :)
 I leave you.

Teya's Quote of the Day

Teya took away the beef jerky stick that was keeping Eden happy in the car. Eden fussed and I asked why Teya would take it from her, to which I got the response "She was swaping herself in the face with it!" Apparently Eden's hand was too far down on the Links beef jerky stick so in attempt to munch on the end of it, instead she was just "swaping" her face with it.

Teya got a tiny poke on her heel that produced a droplet of blood. Hardly an injury. But being the actress that she is, she dramatically limped back to our apartment which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. She experimented with several different kinds of limping positions. I finally urged her to pick up the pace and with what she though was the word for limp she replied, "It just goes so slow because I'm whimping."   Yes dear, my thoughts exactly.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teya's Quote of the Day

The darnedest things come out of Teya's 4 year old mind! They birth in her sharp witty little brain, travel down onto her face, then come shooting out of her mouth at full force before I have a split second of prep time! I already regret not recording her words, thoughts, and quotes from when she began to talk because from the beginning she's had us laughing and now those moments are lost to a cluttered foggy memory. Therefor, I put it of no more and introduce to you my new daily quip: Teya's Quite of the Day, aka TQD!

Today's TQD:

She received a tiny barbie from Nanny in the mail yesterday. Upon discovering her new toy had a flower printed on the rear of it's panties Teya announces, "She that flower mom? It's because she's super. Super-dishious!"     *Italics for how Teya emphasized it.

Life in the Last Frontier

 We made it! We're in Alaska! The first two weeks have gone a little something like this: spend the mornings slowly with Phil and the girls, send Phil off to work at noon, dilly-dally the day away with Steph and the kids with local explorations, welcome Phil back around 10 pm and call it a day! That's the set routine for the next three months here, it's low key which keeps in line with the pace of life in Hawaii.  It never gets dark, only a soft twilight from 1am to 3 am, so my mind doesn't want to stop. It's hard to get tired and I feel like I should keep going and going... at midnight I'm ready for another dinner!  The local Alaskan folk are so openly unabashedly nice Phil and I joke we must be living at the real Big Rock Candy Mountain, where the buzzin' of the bees in the cigarette trees near the soda water fountain, at the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings on the Big Rock Candy Mountains!

I also experienced my first real earthquake here in AK! It was about a five and half on the scale, everything in the house was swaying and banging.  I was sitting on the bed with Eden so I hunched over her, Teya came running in from the dining area where she was eating breakfast scared and confused, and Phil was just stepping out of the shower. It felt very weird and powerful. It kinda messes with your mind to feel the whole earth around you moving... I felt very small and vulnerable.

That's about it. So far. More adventures to come, and you can bet they'll  be all crazy up in hrr!!!

The quaint Anchorage Zoo which features arctic wildlife. It's small and simple and I like that when my intention of going to a zoo is to give the little ones a place to run and see a creature every few feet. 

 Best of Buddies

 Harp Face dropped a thing, so the fearless and rebellious Steph crossed over the fence, THE FENCE, to retrieve it from under the bridge.

Got it!

Teya dressed in everything Ava!

Caribou behind us before they're turned into sausages up here. Sad :( Gross!

Teya is turning into a mighty big sister. I left the room for a moment leaving Eden on the floor only to return to this: Teya had grabbed Eden so she could join her watching Les Aventures de Tin Tin. She's only 4 years old, but she already makes a wonderful baby sitter... for about 10 minutes until she forgets Edens a real human and starts using her as a doll!
Check out those steller pants Eden has on! Nanny found them for only 1$

Eden was really into the show for a moment....

...but then she remembered she's just a chubby slubby baby so she re-assumed the slouch position most comfortable for soft squishy yummy nuggs!

I leave you. Goodnight.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Most Important Farewell

If you live approx 1,311 miles North of the Equator and you're about to move to a new home that approx 1,122 nautical miles from the North Pole, how would you spend your last day in Hawaii?

Visiting Ono Yo of course! Not only are we going to simply miss our fave frozen yogurt indulgence, we're going to be living in a place where it probably doesn't even exist. Frozen Yogurt in Alaska? Doubt it. I'll bet there's a hot soup truck, or a fish jerky truck, or caribou sausage truck... anyone? anyone?...  but no frozen treats truck.
Although the move is temporary, we had some important good-bye's to attend to, or see-you-a-lot-later's, and this was the last one.

Everything tastes better when you use your hands

Eden still has to watch from the sidelines, maybe by the time we return she'll be read for her first frozen yogurt?

Teya's beautiful fairy crown that an auntie painted on her that morning

Nom nom nom nom!! You can see 'Ol Blue there in the background, she's our beaut! She's being babysat while we're gone by the trusted Aaron Puzy :)

More nom nom nom.  I'm kind of a mongrel on this pic...

...and I was even more mongroly here, so some cropping had to happen... Steph looks too fabulous!!

Mmm, I'll give a nom nom to that handsome gaze too!