Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my Mother's Day Gifts:

We have a very eclectic ward. The families come from from ALL over the world: Spain, Canada, Mongolia, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan... I can keep going but you get the idea! I love what happens when the ward holds and activity and everyone comes together to celebrate. Our most recent even was a special Mother's Day event with dinner and a show.

Behold, the highlight of the show:

Teya had been chosen to preform with her best friend Ni Ni. Check out the first few seconds of the song before they turn around... It's been over a week and I'm still receiving praise for her ability to shake and move with "style." She's not a technical dancer by any means, but she's never been lack in the dramatic and emotional aspect of dance. It was so cute to see what she'd been secretly working on all week!! Following Teya's number was a Michael Jackson dance by the 8 year old boys, one of them being Po Po who is Ni Ni's older brother and Teya's true love. Yes, she has her first real crush on PoPo. He's a handsome sweet boy with a great family, so I approve for now, so long as she keeps the rule of no kissing until she's 20 years old!! Good girl Teya :) 
Po Po is the last one on the right side. 

 Okay, LOOK at those jowls on my baby girl!

Here are Teya and Ni Ni watching the rest of the show after their dance wearing their bling bling rings!

Handsomeness at its prime.


susan catudal said...

Great photos and footage!!!I was blown away by Teya's ability to move her booty!!!No wonder she enjoyed watching the dancers at the PCC so much!!
I love the ethnic diversity of your Ward!!

Sarah said...

My baby girls always had amazing jowls too! I love them! I want to squeeze them and kiss them!

I will never stop saying it --- you have a beautiful family, including yourself, lovely lady.

Teya is the most adorable thing dancing! So, so cute! She's got some moves!

And I have to agree with Susan. Coming from someone who grew up overseas and was at most times the minority, I really miss having such a diversity of culture in our wards here in LA. I think that's so cool for you guys!