Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eden's Food Dilema

Eden is a chunk. She eats a LOT and is hungry all the time. She's both taller and heavier than most babies at this age (97% on the doc charts) and it's super hot here so she's always needing to rehydrate. Unfortunately she's a total nipple snob and will not take a bottle or pacifier of any kind. This naturally ties me down quite a bit so I figured when she turned four months old I'd get her started on solids to help keep her full and satisfied.

But No. She's not buying into it. I was even a nice mom and didn't start her with the nasty rice cereal stuff and went straight to the goods: apples and bananas! No matter what I did most of he food ended up on anything else in sight besides her mouth. I started to feel guilty feeding her because it was one long gag fest.

Check it, here's a clip of my second attempt to feed her applesauce:

Alright then, let's scratch the apples and move on to bananas. This little scrump-nugget of mine is smart though (she's a scrumptious nugget because she's so soft squishy edible), and apparently she knows exactly what she does and doesn't like. Bananas make that second list. Check out her reaction to the fruit at even the very sight of one:

Oh dear. Looks like I'm still nursing full time for a while. Unless of course this is her way of telling me she's a "foodie" and has a more refined pallet preferring things like smoked cheese and salmon. You never know, she is half Catudal after all.  


susan catudal said...

Hilarious!!!Try mixing breast milk with rice cereal--make sure it's warm.That al.ways worked for my little ones! They never liked cold baby food.Or eben the hint of a chunk until they were a lot older!

Kara Anderson said...

Cracks me up!!! I can't believe she gags at the SIGHT of bananas. It's just too funny. I couldn't stop laughing! You must have really yummy milk :)

Sarah said...

That was hilarious! I kept laughing everytime she made a gagging face.

It seemed like she really wanted to like the baby food. I mean, she was reaching for it and pulling it to her mouth, but she just isn't getting it down.

Keep trying, Tawny! One of these days, she'll take the bait. Because it's so hard to nurse all the time and be the only person that baby can rely on for food. Trust me, I know. Nursed all my girls for a year and Josie and Lu didn't really take a bottle. But they did start eating solids at 6 months.

Eden is so sweet and adorable! I loved watching these videos. I felt like I was hanging out with you in your kitchen and we were having a playdate or something.