Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eden's Food Dilema

Eden is a chunk. She eats a LOT and is hungry all the time. She's both taller and heavier than most babies at this age (97% on the doc charts) and it's super hot here so she's always needing to rehydrate. Unfortunately she's a total nipple snob and will not take a bottle or pacifier of any kind. This naturally ties me down quite a bit so I figured when she turned four months old I'd get her started on solids to help keep her full and satisfied.

But No. She's not buying into it. I was even a nice mom and didn't start her with the nasty rice cereal stuff and went straight to the goods: apples and bananas! No matter what I did most of he food ended up on anything else in sight besides her mouth. I started to feel guilty feeding her because it was one long gag fest.

Check it, here's a clip of my second attempt to feed her applesauce:

Alright then, let's scratch the apples and move on to bananas. This little scrump-nugget of mine is smart though (she's a scrumptious nugget because she's so soft squishy edible), and apparently she knows exactly what she does and doesn't like. Bananas make that second list. Check out her reaction to the fruit at even the very sight of one:

Oh dear. Looks like I'm still nursing full time for a while. Unless of course this is her way of telling me she's a "foodie" and has a more refined pallet preferring things like smoked cheese and salmon. You never know, she is half Catudal after all.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my Mother's Day Gifts:

We have a very eclectic ward. The families come from from ALL over the world: Spain, Canada, Mongolia, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan... I can keep going but you get the idea! I love what happens when the ward holds and activity and everyone comes together to celebrate. Our most recent even was a special Mother's Day event with dinner and a show.

Behold, the highlight of the show:

Teya had been chosen to preform with her best friend Ni Ni. Check out the first few seconds of the song before they turn around... It's been over a week and I'm still receiving praise for her ability to shake and move with "style." She's not a technical dancer by any means, but she's never been lack in the dramatic and emotional aspect of dance. It was so cute to see what she'd been secretly working on all week!! Following Teya's number was a Michael Jackson dance by the 8 year old boys, one of them being Po Po who is Ni Ni's older brother and Teya's true love. Yes, she has her first real crush on PoPo. He's a handsome sweet boy with a great family, so I approve for now, so long as she keeps the rule of no kissing until she's 20 years old!! Good girl Teya :) 
Po Po is the last one on the right side. 

 Okay, LOOK at those jowls on my baby girl!

Here are Teya and Ni Ni watching the rest of the show after their dance wearing their bling bling rings!

Handsomeness at its prime.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Is How We Do It At The Stratton House:

Easter has taken on some intense traditions at the Stratton house the past few years. And I like it! I was glad to be here for the Holiday and share in the fun.

This is how we do, how we do...

First there's the Hunt. Obviously. But past discoveries of "Benjamin's" in some eggs have made the adults more eager to search for eggs and baskets than the children. The hunt can easily turn dirty if one person is finding all the big bills and someone's luck is failing by pulling in only $1's.

But it's all in good fun and usually after the chase we even things out in the spirit of Easter Love :)

Then there's the matter of coloring Easter Eggs. Someone got cute a few years ago and competition has since become stiff! It's a serious matter and the title of "Ken's Favorite Egg" and bragging rights for a year has become a respected and coveted prize!! It all happened by accident really. We were dipping and dyeing away, Bubba must have made a pretty creative egg and started boasting about it. Cody musta stepped in to one up him. Of course I had to show off my creative master mind skill. No humility allowed on Easter. And before we knew it everyone was in the zone trying to come up with the absolute coolest most creative egg. After they were all done, there was only one way to choose a winner. Dad, The Ken, was the single person to not color an egg, or even watch the scene unfold, so naturally he became the "unbiased" judge. He doesn't know who's egg is who's until he's finished and has picked his top favorites. The best part is hearing his commentary while he's judging. Anyone who knows my dad would get this how it'd be funny seeing him use his smarts and professional opinion to choose a "creative" winner. If you don't know my dad, lets just say it's not his strong suit :)

Now every year you'd better come prepared with some darned good ideas. Many try to play into Dad's emotions with eggs saying things like "Lynette's the Hottest", "Go Aggies!", or by portraying fishing scenes. But that's cheating. Other go for the win by playing the wild card of making something ugly or too easy. Sometimes those earn "Honorable Mentions."  Little kids can get lucky with cuteness and sympathy points. But the true winners are always something that took sweet skills to make!

Most importantly, and most fun, is the dinner. Putting friendly competition aside, it's the time and stories shared around the table that are cherished the deepest. Thanks to Mom the food is immaculate and tasty to boot! I love my family. They're one of a kind and dear to my heart. Thank you everyone for being my sister, brother, mom and dad, even niece and nephew! I love you all.
Devin and Vanessa would make good parents, I'm getting eager to meet their offspring!

 Kara's and Todd's however is on the way, we get to meet Baby Anderson in 3 months!

 Me and "Sessie"

 Sweet sweet little Layla

 Easter Dinner

 How Betty Crocker is this moment?

 Here Jessie is telling Ava and Cohen she saw something in the backyard... something like an.. Easter Bunny!!!

 That was a very lucrative hunt!!

These eggs made the line-up of Dad's favorites... 

 Marolyn Manson (Bubba's), a Pig Creature (Bubbas), Indian, aka Will I Am (one of mine)

These are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners:  Ken the Egg (Todd's), a Snorkeler (Mine! Boo Ya!) and a Fishing Scene (Bubba's).

Other notable entries:
 Angry Bird (Mine)

 Groovy Dude, aka Elton John (Todd)
 Lady Bug (Jessie)
 Butterfly, (Mom)
 Soap (Bubba)
Jack from Nightmare Before (Me)