Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Over Due

I'm not even going to think about the catching up I have to do on Journal-blogging right now... I'll get to that later when I have extra time. That's a mythical idea I think, "extra time." Any mother who doesn't ship her kids off to boarding school or the like would agree that such a concept doesn't exist!

As for now...

Phil surprised me with a one week vacation to Utah!! So I stayed with the theme and surprised my family... I didn't tell them I was coming. I just showed up at their doors. HA! It was worth it for the priceless reactions I got. Jessie screamed for the first time in years (not counting spider encounters) which was obvious by the lack of volume and force in her scream.  Then when I doorbell ditched my mom and left Eden on the porch for her to find, I'm pretty sure she stood there completely silent with utter shock/confusion on her face for 3 whole minutes until we ran out from the bushes laughing!  I got to finally meet my little niece Layla Marie, and the entire family got to meet and get to know Eden Rose :) I stayed with my best-friend-twinnner-sister Jessie since her husband has already left for Alaska. We had a full week of kid wrangling and baby bonding.

Here are my Top 10 observations from a week in Utah:

1- Kara has the magical touch for babies. Eden loved her and took several long comfortable naps on her chest...

 ...VERY comfortable naps!

2- Eden and Layla have inherited mine and Jessie's ESP. Mental telepathy.  

 They did everything in sync: Eating, sleeping, waking, smiling, crying, pooping.

3- Zuppas is still yummy...
 ...but the employees need to take a chill pill and slow down a notch! If you take more than a couple seconds to decide they start to hyperventilate & panic and force you to decide.... Woa! Its not a race and if the line is moving casually so can I! 

 4- Eating out with kids is, and always will be, a brave move. An undertaking. Adventuresome. LOOK AT AVA'S BEAUTIFUL SMILE (above)!!! It makes me smile :) Next look at Cohen's nice moves (below), and last but not least Edens attempt to swing on my hair like a little monkey from the vines!!

 5- My mother is darling and an extraordinary human being. 

 6- I want to keep Cohen for myself. I love that little gentleman!!!

 7- Having twins would be a LOT of work & a LOT of fun!! I want a pair....

8- Utah still holds the title of master accessorisers. 

9- It's freeeeezing there!!!

10- The final observation, and perhaps the most astounding, my father -- KEN STRATTON -- texting on his iPhone. I repeat. Ken texting on an iPhone that is his

What can I say, I love my family!! And I kind of like Utah, a bit.  It was a dream to see them all again. Very therapeutic. Then it was even more therapeutic to fly back home to my own little family waiting for me in Laie, Hawaii.


susan catudal said...

It's about time too!!!!I was wondering when you would attempt to 'catch up'!! I think rachel has given up!
So glad you got to go back to see the whole family.My husband did that a couple of times for me--surprised me with tickets to England!!
Coen looks like a real live wire and so,so cute!!!Love the handstand move in Zuppas!! Looks lika an Ezra move!!
Nice to have you both 'back'!!!

Sarah said...

Tawny, will you ever get ugly? I don't think so! You always look so beautiful to me! And little Eden is gorgeous too! It's so fun to see pictures of her because I haven't seen any since she was a baby. So happy you updated your blog! That was so nice of Phil to surprise you with a trip. Did you know that Phil wrote me the nicest, sweetest email EVER while you were in Utah? Ask him about it. I was having the worst day EVER and then I got his email in my inbox and it was just what I needed to hear. You've got a good man on your hands. And he's got a great lady! Love you tons, girl!

Kara Anderson said...

eden looks great with accessories! I miss her fatness and your skinniness. Love the picture where they are both smiling :)

Cody and Jessie said...

Fun post! You are a good blogger.. U should do it more often :) Your husband is the BEST man ever for sending you here, a saint! I loved having you stay at my place and spendinf so much special sister time together. All the pictures yiu posted are so wonderful. I love all the ones of our little babies together. That picture of Cohen upsidown at zuppas kills me!! I was cracking up when I saw it. I need to get that kid in a gymnastics class or something.