Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Over Due

I'm not even going to think about the catching up I have to do on Journal-blogging right now... I'll get to that later when I have extra time. That's a mythical idea I think, "extra time." Any mother who doesn't ship her kids off to boarding school or the like would agree that such a concept doesn't exist!

As for now...

Phil surprised me with a one week vacation to Utah!! So I stayed with the theme and surprised my family... I didn't tell them I was coming. I just showed up at their doors. HA! It was worth it for the priceless reactions I got. Jessie screamed for the first time in years (not counting spider encounters) which was obvious by the lack of volume and force in her scream.  Then when I doorbell ditched my mom and left Eden on the porch for her to find, I'm pretty sure she stood there completely silent with utter shock/confusion on her face for 3 whole minutes until we ran out from the bushes laughing!  I got to finally meet my little niece Layla Marie, and the entire family got to meet and get to know Eden Rose :) I stayed with my best-friend-twinnner-sister Jessie since her husband has already left for Alaska. We had a full week of kid wrangling and baby bonding.

Here are my Top 10 observations from a week in Utah:

1- Kara has the magical touch for babies. Eden loved her and took several long comfortable naps on her chest...

 ...VERY comfortable naps!

2- Eden and Layla have inherited mine and Jessie's ESP. Mental telepathy.  

 They did everything in sync: Eating, sleeping, waking, smiling, crying, pooping.

3- Zuppas is still yummy...
 ...but the employees need to take a chill pill and slow down a notch! If you take more than a couple seconds to decide they start to hyperventilate & panic and force you to decide.... Woa! Its not a race and if the line is moving casually so can I! 

 4- Eating out with kids is, and always will be, a brave move. An undertaking. Adventuresome. LOOK AT AVA'S BEAUTIFUL SMILE (above)!!! It makes me smile :) Next look at Cohen's nice moves (below), and last but not least Edens attempt to swing on my hair like a little monkey from the vines!!

 5- My mother is darling and an extraordinary human being. 

 6- I want to keep Cohen for myself. I love that little gentleman!!!

 7- Having twins would be a LOT of work & a LOT of fun!! I want a pair....

8- Utah still holds the title of master accessorisers. 

9- It's freeeeezing there!!!

10- The final observation, and perhaps the most astounding, my father -- KEN STRATTON -- texting on his iPhone. I repeat. Ken texting on an iPhone that is his

What can I say, I love my family!! And I kind of like Utah, a bit.  It was a dream to see them all again. Very therapeutic. Then it was even more therapeutic to fly back home to my own little family waiting for me in Laie, Hawaii.