Sunday, December 12, 2010

So I Married and Iron Chef...

Its slacker catch up time for me. I will be short on the clever narratives and quick with the pictures because I'm backed up all the way from Halloween!!
Phil's dream job is to be an Iron Chef. If you haven't seen an episode before, check one out on the Food Network. Each episode revolved around a "secret ingredient" that is revealed at the last moment and must be used in each dish. For Halloween I was the "secret ingredient." Fortunately I'm not in any pictures:) I was just dressed all in black with a giant white question mark on my stomach. Clever clever.

Teya and Ava matched this year, both as Cinderella, and we didn't even plan it... maybe they have ESP just like their Mammas!! It was after both costumes were ready that we realized it, only Jessie gets the gold star because she MADE her detailed costume and I just dropped the cash-money-flow for Teyas!!

Trunk or Treat!!! My first one, (somehow always missed them in LA) so I had to pitch in and deck out our trunk... and those decorations only just got cleaned out of our trunk two weeks ago. Ha, oops.
Like our sweet ride?  Its a Honda Civic 91 baby!! No, A/C is not included:( 


susan catudal said...

great photos!!Phil looks very authentic--and teya--beautiful,comme d'habitude!!

Sarah said...

You know I'm obsessed with Halloween. And I think people are lame when they don't dress up. So, big props to you and Phil for dressing up. Very clever costumes!