Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!!

For Teya's birthday this year I wanted her to feel really special and have the day be something memorable. Four is a fun age for kids when everything is magical, I have lots of memories being that age, so I really wanted to put on a classic kids party for Teya. So that what we did, pulled out all the classics. It was a balloon theme. The invitations and some confetti were stuffed into an inflated balloon that read "Pop Me!" At the party we had at least 80 balloons here there and everywhere. The classics were played: Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hot Potato, and Freeze Dance, all accompanied by prizes and gift baggies.
 Two of Teya's little besties: Taylor above, Rhiannon below

 We did "Heavy Heavy Hang Over Thy Poor Head" to receive the gifts, of course.
 Teya got the jackpot with gifts this year (makes Christmas simple now...) It's a good thing we'll have a two bedroom at TVA because her toys have now completely taken over our front room!!

 Phil as the photographer at the party must like the "looking down position" because in 40% of the pictures the subject is, you guessed it, looking down.

 I like this lucky shot with Teya's face perfectly framed by that crazy hat!
 Can anyone guess what her cake is supposed to be? She made the request herself......
 It's a gum-ball machine! The white center is a stawberry cake, and the pink ends are red velvet. The round center was cooked in glass bowl, did you know you can do that?? I didn't until I made this cake, but it turned out really cool and was fun to try something different.
 We realized we didn't have any matches or lighters only when it was time to light the candles, so Phil started a paper towel on fire from our electric stove top and hurriedly transfered it to a candle. Nice job McGuiver!
 Trying out her new toys: that the blissful face I want to see at the end of her birthday!! It was a success:)


Sarah said...

Invitations in balloons that you pop?! What are you? The party planning queen? And the cake is incredible! Teya looks gorgeous. I swear, she should be celebrating her 21st birthday party. She's so old for her age. You look beautiful as always!

I miss you!

susan catudal said...

it really was a fun party--even with the element of danger,in Phil nearly setting light to your kitchen!!
Glad I could be there,even if you wont hire me again as the balloon artiste!!!!Never did manage to make a poodle!!