Tuesday, November 2, 2010

La chasse pour une citrouille!

Moving to Hawaii has been everything fantastic, it's been all that was hoped for and more. There is however one element missing from this paradise island: my family and the changing leaves. Okay, so that's two things. I've never been a home-sick person. I'm determined to make where ever it is that I am become completely our home and to enjoy the people there. Enjoy the now. It's part of what I love so much about discovering new cultures and peoples, always figuring out what makes the community work and then to become a part of it. But this year a tinge of longing has hit me for my siblings and parents in Utah. Mainly because it was harder than I'd anticipated to take Teya away from her soul sister Ava Lynn and their side kick Cohen James. Kids have a way of taking the priority in our lives making things more complicated... in the best possible way bien sure! I admit though that I have let my mind wander to what it would be like to smell that distinct smell of fall, the magic of the leaves, the harvest food on the table, the family kickin' it at Grandma Bella's house on a lazy cool Sunday evening....
But these moments aren't drawn out or remorseful, I'd be a fool to not appreciate and relish the home we have now,  but Autumn has always been my favorite (if brief) time of the year. I'll soon feel just fine once I get word that the first snow has fallen in good 'ol Ut-izz-ah!! 

To the point! I had to implement as much of this wonderful season as I could into the  month of October with the resources available. First item of duty: find me a pumpkin! Luckily the Laie Playgroup was doing that for me by rallying the troops and taking a field trip to the pumpkin patch. I say "the" because it's the one pumpkin patch on the island:) 

 No, I didn't run into Christian Bale (see Sarah's blog) but we got the second best thing! We met these two!! Teya was uber affectionate to Mr and Mrs Sweet Onion. I wonder if it's because they seem like giant stuffed animal toys come to life... I couldn't think of any other reason for her tender love shown to them. Several hugs, kisses, hand holding, waving, high fives, little dance jigs, and even a drawn out farewell hug and kiss when we were leaving the patch must have made those two feel like the champions of her world! (I just noticed this, when I enlarged the picture above I could see the onion man's face peering through the sunglasses... kind of creepy! Click on the picture, then magnify or zoom it and you'll see what I mean...)

 She just couldn't help it. Has aunt Boozie been giving her lessons?

 Pas mal, non?  (Not bad eh?) It felt like a real traditional Autumn moment for a while, never mind the patch was surrounded by a banana tree plantation and other tropical fares. I just made sure they didn't get in the photos to ruin the effect. 


Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout-out, girl!

I love how you described being home-sick because I've had that feeling many times. But you always spin it around into something positive and make the best of it, which is what you have to do!

Teya looks gorgeous as usual. My children would look like ghosts next to her. Ha! She's so tan!

Anyway, love you tons, Tawny!

susan catudal said...

I was wondering if there were any pumpkins on the island!!If you had got there( to Hawaii) earlier--i am sure you would have grown a magnificent one yourself!
Autumn is beautiful here--but brief!We have already had snow--but just a light covering.
see you all soon!!!!!

Lynnette said...

I get homesick for you guys too... so to get over it I just think of you frolicking on the beach and basking in the sun, and then I'm so jealous I hate your guts! jk

Teya is really growing up. I miss that girl soooo bad. These pictures are really cute (but that guys hidden face IS super creepy :/

Soon as I get a cord for my camera I'll get you updated on life here in Utah. Loves!

Tanya said...

Teya is getting so big, she is so beautiful. I am glad you found a pumpkin patch it is a fun thing to do. I love Teya's boots I have a pair of shoes in the same color and I love them too. I wonder if I could find those in my size :D Miss you guys lots. we are planning a trip to Kauai next spring for our 10th anniversary so we will see what this Hawaii place is all about, lol :D