Thursday, October 7, 2010

Octoby Thus Far:

Let's see, let's see... what has happened in October so far? 
The waves on our end of the island are progressively getting bigger, stealing our gentle baby-friendly beaches with their massive swells, but it makes for good surf watching! This is one of the greatest places to take the kids (although it too will soon be gone covered by the ocean...) because the waves spill over into a separate lagoon perfect for the little ones. Its only a couple feet at the deepest, its warm, and wave free so we spend easy hours sitting here in the sun... and there's always the crazy Portuguese surfer dudes riding the big swells in the background that are fun to watch. 

 Why she insists on wearing her purple muscles in the 4 inch water? I Dunno, but I let it be because "better safe as humanly possible than just plain regular safe."
 (This gives a good idea of how the water spills over into the separate little lagoon)

When we can't make the arduous journey all the way to the beach to escape the heat, we fill the backyard with water instead. The babes swim French style.

Last but not least, Phil taught Teya to do a headstand. It took a lot of trial and error, then about the 3rd day she got it on her own!! This is a big deal because Teya was not blessed with strong natural coordination... just think of Chloe and then think totally opposite, that equals Teya:) I still have mini heart-attacks when she's climbing on the kiddie playgrounds. Today alone she tripped 6 times AND fell off the kitchen counter (she landed on her feet because I grabbed her shirt the last second, but she still managed to scrape her leg). 
 Now we can hear her at night practicing her new trick on her bed before she falls asleep.


Steph said...

Haha! Love the post... Especially the photos of that hot babe with purple shades. Ay ay!

Sarah said...

I don't even know where to start. Teya is beautiful! Harper is beautiful! I love them playing naked together in the backyard. So adorable! Steph is gorgeous! I forgot that she's a Catudel so she can wear a bikini after having a baby and still look hot, just like Rachel. The beach looks amazing. Yeah to Teya for her accomplishment of the head stand!!! There's just one thing missing from this post --- YOU! I want to see your gorgeous pregnant self!

susan catudal said...

Way to go,Teya!!!!
Those beaches look so inviting!Save a space for me in a month!!!

Lynnette said...

Thanks Tawny! Love the post :)