Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cardboard and Duct Tape:

Teya left at least 90% of her toys in Utah. I left 100% of my toys in Utah (a beautiful collection of paints, canvas, brushes, sewing machine, and all other things creation worthy). I look around and see a roll of duct tape. We have mountains of boxes from packages being shipped out here. I have all kinds of time on my hands. Teya gets all kinds of bored if I'm not directly entertaining her every second. 

What do I do????

Well, we'll start with the Halloween critters we made today! I've been saving up our empty toilet paper rolls knowing they just had to come in handy sometime. I also splurged and bought a 10 pack of Crayola Markers  at Foodland yesterday.

Bend the tops of the TP rolls and you get instant ears or horns! It was a lot of fun to see Teya getting creative and excited about Halloween. These are just the first set of ghetto decorations we plan on making. I've got a few more festive ideas up my sleeve, keep an eye out!

Or how about we make a castle for Teya's animals?! It wasn't meant to be pretty, at this time I didn't even own my 10 wonderful crayola markers... I had a pocket knife for the cutting and a few feet left of the tape. But even the cheapest & ugliest of structures has done its job and given T-dizz lots more happy playtime.

 One day she was sad that I made her leave behind all her dress-ups, crowns, and princess stuff. So in an attempt to give her some dress up fun I made a quick princess crown: I turned to my trusty cardboard and covered it in tinfoil and jewels. Again it was shanty, but it held together well and served its purposed... until today when Teya decided to start peeling off all the tinfoil and jewels!!

The ever present childhood spaceship! We colored and designed a travelling craft that makes effortless transitions from rocket, to boat, to bus, to a home for her pandas. She's flapping the wings in this picture

And back to where we started this cardboard adventure, let's rejoin the Halloween Critters. We strung 'em and hung 'em.
 Is there anything to be learned from this quaint little trip? When all else fails, and putting aesthetics aside, a box, a knife, and a roll of duct tape can give a lot to imaginary play!!


susan catudal said...

you put Martha Stewart to shame!!!!You would have made a wonderful pioneer!!Great painting job,by the way! Can you buy pumpkins there????

Tanya said...

fun decorations. I love the castle it is actually amazing. Very nice architectural detail on the top :D. Teya is lucky to have such a fun mommy .

susan catudal said...

Tawny-I am so glad you are so artistic! Phil,I'm afraid,due to genetics,has not an artistic bone in his body! Ask him about his butterfly in Pictionary,In L.A ,some years ago!

Kara Anderson said...

Oh my gosh that is great! I'll bet Teya loves them just as much as her fancy toys back home it Utah. I was impressed with the crown. I'm thinking most mom's would just tell their kid to 'pretend' they had a crown on and forget it! You're amazing :)

Sarah said...

Amazing is an understatement!!! The sad thing is that I have all the resources to make those things and we don't even do anything remotely cool like that. I have always known that you're an incredibly involved Mom with Teya. She's a lucky girl to have a Mom like you! More inspiration please! Keep the fun ideas coming! You should submit these ideas to craft magazines!

Lynnette said...

"Ghetto decorations!" :D