Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've recently posted a massive load of pics on Facebook to showcase Dave's visit to the island!! What I didn't post on FB were these, some shots from the last night Dave was around. The family gathered while we fired up the BBQ and held a chill session. On the menu: Dave's Own Recipe Quinoa Salad (w/ roasted almond bits, corn, French green beans, cranberries, all organic of course...), Broccoli Potato Soup (made with our new top-o-the-line BlendTech from my parents!!!), Stephanie Marinated Chicken, and a healthy variety of mouth watering Sausages.  

 From the moment she met Dave last year, Teya has really taken to him. I think she thinks he's really a cool guy! Its cute to see the way he interacts with her and how much she loves to love on him:) She was giving him hugs, kisses, and her special attention all night. 
 We got on the subject of America's National Anthem, and how confused so many of us were at the words, but Stephanie takes the cake with her rendition of the score!! She had almost every line tweaked and twisted, with some invented words and phrases, we were throughly entertained as she sang! Steph, you'll have to leave in the comments some of your "phrases".... 
 Love this unexpected moment I caught on film, Teya tenderly kissing Harper's face. Melt:)
What I didn't catch on film were the tunes sung by Aaron and Rachel. Aaron writes his own music and produces a few music videos to accompany them, he's got a wonderfully soothing indie-folk type voice and style. Even more entrancing was Rachel's solo... after a bit of persuasion she agreed to bless us with her AMAZING voice while playing the guitar. There wasn't a sound the whole while she sang, even the geckos stopped chirping, because we were all so enchanted by the soothing tones and melancholy feel to her words!! I would buy her CD, easy!

I really like this shot of Phil, I have to sneak pictures of him if I want a real natural smile... he's like my dad,  The Ken, when it comes to cameras and forgetting completely how to smile with those perfect teeth and cute dimples!!
At this point I gave Teya the camera and she took over as our photographer. She went up to each person and got uncomfortably close... sometimes just a few inches from the face... and snapped a portrait of everybody. The only person I don't have from Teya's time behind the lens is Aaron, I think she was still too intimidated by him to get that close:)

She was totally being artistic here going for an abstract take on the typical face portrait.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cardboard and Duct Tape:

Teya left at least 90% of her toys in Utah. I left 100% of my toys in Utah (a beautiful collection of paints, canvas, brushes, sewing machine, and all other things creation worthy). I look around and see a roll of duct tape. We have mountains of boxes from packages being shipped out here. I have all kinds of time on my hands. Teya gets all kinds of bored if I'm not directly entertaining her every second. 

What do I do????

Well, we'll start with the Halloween critters we made today! I've been saving up our empty toilet paper rolls knowing they just had to come in handy sometime. I also splurged and bought a 10 pack of Crayola Markers  at Foodland yesterday.

Bend the tops of the TP rolls and you get instant ears or horns! It was a lot of fun to see Teya getting creative and excited about Halloween. These are just the first set of ghetto decorations we plan on making. I've got a few more festive ideas up my sleeve, keep an eye out!

Or how about we make a castle for Teya's animals?! It wasn't meant to be pretty, at this time I didn't even own my 10 wonderful crayola markers... I had a pocket knife for the cutting and a few feet left of the tape. But even the cheapest & ugliest of structures has done its job and given T-dizz lots more happy playtime.

 One day she was sad that I made her leave behind all her dress-ups, crowns, and princess stuff. So in an attempt to give her some dress up fun I made a quick princess crown: I turned to my trusty cardboard and covered it in tinfoil and jewels. Again it was shanty, but it held together well and served its purposed... until today when Teya decided to start peeling off all the tinfoil and jewels!!

The ever present childhood spaceship! We colored and designed a travelling craft that makes effortless transitions from rocket, to boat, to bus, to a home for her pandas. She's flapping the wings in this picture

And back to where we started this cardboard adventure, let's rejoin the Halloween Critters. We strung 'em and hung 'em.
 Is there anything to be learned from this quaint little trip? When all else fails, and putting aesthetics aside, a box, a knife, and a roll of duct tape can give a lot to imaginary play!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Octoby Thus Far:

Let's see, let's see... what has happened in October so far? 
The waves on our end of the island are progressively getting bigger, stealing our gentle baby-friendly beaches with their massive swells, but it makes for good surf watching! This is one of the greatest places to take the kids (although it too will soon be gone covered by the ocean...) because the waves spill over into a separate lagoon perfect for the little ones. Its only a couple feet at the deepest, its warm, and wave free so we spend easy hours sitting here in the sun... and there's always the crazy Portuguese surfer dudes riding the big swells in the background that are fun to watch. 

 Why she insists on wearing her purple muscles in the 4 inch water? I Dunno, but I let it be because "better safe as humanly possible than just plain regular safe."
 (This gives a good idea of how the water spills over into the separate little lagoon)

When we can't make the arduous journey all the way to the beach to escape the heat, we fill the backyard with water instead. The babes swim French style.

Last but not least, Phil taught Teya to do a headstand. It took a lot of trial and error, then about the 3rd day she got it on her own!! This is a big deal because Teya was not blessed with strong natural coordination... just think of Chloe and then think totally opposite, that equals Teya:) I still have mini heart-attacks when she's climbing on the kiddie playgrounds. Today alone she tripped 6 times AND fell off the kitchen counter (she landed on her feet because I grabbed her shirt the last second, but she still managed to scrape her leg). 
 Now we can hear her at night practicing her new trick on her bed before she falls asleep.