Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sure Sign

As we ate lunch today it became ultimately clear just what we are: a TRUE through-and-through college family! I fed my loved ones Ramen Noodles today for our déjeuner.


Does it get any more college student than this?

And to put the icing on this delectable cake, Teya ate her noodles on the floor in the corner next to her bed (which is also on the floor in the same room as the "living" and the kitchen), and Phil ate his next to me on our little three-man settee. 

Ah!... but they're so yummy.

*Note: I'll be a good wife-y and make up for it tonight at dinner by making grilled fish, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. 

I mean, who doesn't have some sort of childhood memory of these simple tasty fun-to-eat noodles? Jessie, how many times a week would you say we made these as an after-school snack in Jr. High? As a loving doting mother I can't go depriving Teya of these same important memories.  I crave these being pregs because there's nothing too smelly or potent in them so they can really settle a rottenstomach.

Thousand bucks says she's pretending those are worms right now and she's a little birdie. 
(I wish so bad this picture had turned out clear! The camera batteries are waning and some indoor shots take a couple takes to turn out but she moved right after this moment. But the idea is there.)


Cody and Jessie said...

Haha! Oh you guys are completely in college survival mode! But doing it in paradise, so lucky. Ah, ramen noodles.. Classic! So scarily full of sodium but SO yummy.
I still can't get over that teya's room is in the kitchen corner! And I bet she totally loves it.. That's the beauty of childhood :)

susan catudal said...

Brings back memories of my kids' childhood!!We didnt have them in England.My 'go-to' after school snack was tinned sardines on toast,eaten while watching a black and white TV!!

Sarah said...

I serve ramon noodles to my kids for dinner too, but I guess coming from me (a non-cooker) that's not too surprising.

LOVE that picture of Teya. And it sounds like you're living in a one room place for all of you, kind of like Jon and Kirsten's guest house and how we're living now --- kitchen/living room/office/our bed all in one place.

Kara Anderson said...

Ok Ramen noodles sounds SO good right now. And can I say; Teya looks like she was born in Hawaii. NO wait! I take that back... she looks totally out of place! Come back to Utah!