Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Sure Sign

As we ate lunch today it became ultimately clear just what we are: a TRUE through-and-through college family! I fed my loved ones Ramen Noodles today for our déjeuner.


Does it get any more college student than this?

And to put the icing on this delectable cake, Teya ate her noodles on the floor in the corner next to her bed (which is also on the floor in the same room as the "living" and the kitchen), and Phil ate his next to me on our little three-man settee. 

Ah!... but they're so yummy.

*Note: I'll be a good wife-y and make up for it tonight at dinner by making grilled fish, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. 

I mean, who doesn't have some sort of childhood memory of these simple tasty fun-to-eat noodles? Jessie, how many times a week would you say we made these as an after-school snack in Jr. High? As a loving doting mother I can't go depriving Teya of these same important memories.  I crave these being pregs because there's nothing too smelly or potent in them so they can really settle a rottenstomach.

Thousand bucks says she's pretending those are worms right now and she's a little birdie. 
(I wish so bad this picture had turned out clear! The camera batteries are waning and some indoor shots take a couple takes to turn out but she moved right after this moment. But the idea is there.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Lack of Labor Continues

Labor Day for us wasn't a momentous event because we aren't doing much Laboring at the moment. Although I think we'd really LIKE to be laboring and have a reason to rest on the weekends. True that time will come: the vacation is almost over as school starts in a week and the job hunt is still on.
It did, however, give us a good reason to get the family all together and play the day away.  We started out at Sunset Beach and spent the day swimming, snorkeling, sand digging, and eating another one of River's amazing veggie salad creations (this one was a bean dip style with chips for dipping.) True there are already lots of food trucks around the island, but I say Rivs should open up a food truck with all his different salads and make it Golden!
Oh how we LOVE this little chunky monkey!!!

Steph and Rivs are so effortlessly stylish, it's clear why they were cast as extras on Hawaii 5-0 this week.

Rivs cousin Courtney. She's super fly. 

This is how Teya's face normally looks now. She's had so much fun since moving here, it became overload, and now she's stuck in this position. The specialists say it has a chance of going back to normal if she ever gets bored. Doubt that will happen.

Her other newest and most favorite past-time, or better stated OBSESSION, is peeling the skin of Phil's shoulders and back.Hours a day she spends doing this! She has Grandpa Beau's (my dad) blood running through her veins, because anything to be picked, squeezed, or peeled, she zeros in and can't be distracted until the problem is taken care of. 

Side view of Sunset Beach. Teya refers to the purple objects on her arms as "muscles". If she takes on after Mamma, these will be the only muscles she ever has so I indulge her. 

After the beach, and after the mid afternoon Yoga session by Rivs and Phil, we all got together for a BBQ night. Watermelon was on sale for 19 cents a lb at Foodland... did you hear me?! 19 CENTS PER LB!! Since age 8 watermelons have been my go-to answer for the "Favorite Food" question. I felt like I was stealing them at the register they were so cheap. Multiple watermelons were bought and cut, we grilled mahi mahi, turkey burgers, hotdogs, and fake chicken burgers (i don't know). We had snickerdoodles for desert, and I think thay set everyone in a good loving mood because before we knew what was happening it had become a massive family snuggle night. Phil and I walked out to see a melange of husband wife brother cousin girlfriend & baby on the lanai. It was a Kodak moment to bring tears to the eyes. 

I believe the appropriate term here is "Smoooosh face." (Look at the little Nugget in the corner dead asleep:)

With no family snuggle room left on the couch we took to snuggling on the arm chair. Well... we probably could have fit on the couch if we really tried, but it would risk changing things from cozy to awkward.

Random picture of the day: Teya took this picture herself, I guess to show the view from our backyard. Ah. Bliss. I've dreamed so many times in my life of being the "Jane of the Jungle" and somehow making a life lost in the tropics. I thought if I wished hard enough a Tarzan would take me to the trees and we'd live H.E.A.  This might be as close to that dream as I get, unless I can convince Phil to take us and the kids back to Peru. But I like this compromise.