Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our New Home

We've made it to our new home!! We're unpacked and already falling into the way and pace of life in Laie. Phil doesn't start school until the 15th of September, and he's still in the job hunt, so it essentially feels like an extended vacation right now until some sort of schedule picks up.

So far we've gone to the beach, then went to another beach, then went to the beach again, and every now & then we go to the beach. That pretty much sums up our week!!
We have our built in tour guides, Steph and Rivers, to show us around to the most important worth while and secret places. They've been the rock stars in this move making our transition out here so smooth and enjoyable.


Lynnette said...

Looks so beautiful and kick back. Love all the cute beach shots. Super cute of everyone!!

Sarah said...

Geez! I feel like I'm looking at an ad campaign for the tourist bureau of Hawaii! Look --- come to Hawaii and you will be like these beautiful people on the beach. So glad you have Steph and Rivers there to help make you feel more at home.