Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping in the Garden!!

Post Warning: This is a nerd-fest plantaholic post, it may seem long and boring to some, but I just have to document whats been done and unfortunately I can't think of a way to make it clever to ease the drudgery. 


This spring Jessica and I planted a garden together. We're both severely obsessed with all things PLANTS, and vegetable plants don't escape that obsession! If you're wondering about all the flowers in our veggie garden (because you're nerds like us so you were) they all serve a purpose: The marigolds are natural bug repellents, the dahlias are for cutting bouquets, and the nasturtium is for Eating!
We're experimenting with "box" or "square-foot" gardening this year.

The other 3 rows are on raised plateaus (the way the Mayans used to do it) to improve watering, easier to control dirt quality, less weeding, and make it easy to access everything

This is the whole garden, only right after we planted everything so it looks bare. NOW it's massive thick growing crazy overflowing everywhere... I'll have to take a picture of how it looks now. 

The bummer is that Jessica helped with all the initial hard work (the dirt work, rock clearing, plateau forming, seeding and planting...) but she moved before ANY of it grew to maturity and harvest so she didn't get to see the results of what she created! I've spent the entire summer religiously going to the garden every other day to water, weed, prune, shape, and debug. Teya has been the most loyal helper, like my little "chick" right by my side helping with everything! I'm glad she's been a part of it all because now that its time to pick everything she can see where food really "comes from" and what all the work was for. We'll be eating dinner and I tell her, "This is the tomato you grew! You made this Teya!"

Just today this is what we picked:
Garlic (in a baggy cause I can't stand the smell right now) Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Red & Green Jalapeños, PICKLING Cucumbers (Phil & I will pickle them tonight:), Squash, Baby Pumpkins, three varieties of Onions, three varieties of Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Anaheim Peppers, and finally Shallots or Green Onions!!

And not to forget the Basil, which will go in with the tomato sauce tonight!!

Besides what I picked today, we regularly bring in Cilantro, Carrots, 6 other types of herbs, Tomatillos, Spaghetti Squash, Radishes, Beets, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Fennel, Kohl Rabi, & Gourds.

Soon to come we'll have full size Pumpkins & Watermelons!  The only thing I failed on was the Broccoli, I didn't keep it trimmed right and it went to flower before I could pick it:( 

Big gulps, huh? ....that's nice.....
.......Welp, See ya later.


susan catudal said...

wow!!That is seriously imnpressive!!!
I wonder what you'll be able to grow in hawaii??Probably year round too!!!Congrats!!It'll save a lot on the produce bill!

Sarah said...

I never really had the desire to garden until I saw this post. This is AMAZING! Seriously, I am in awe of the produce you have produced! You have delicious veggies to eat at every meal. Incredible! One day I'll be calling you for gardening advice. You are a PRO!

Tanya said...

a beautiful garden. I am jealous...I need a yard...but what really hit me in this post was why??? don't you like garlic right now????

Kara Anderson said...

I love it! Don't you just feel healthy looking at the veggies? I do :) Beautiful! They are all ginormous too!

Heather Lee said...

I'm asking this, risking being that annoying girl that reads into it. Buuut morning sickness????? I miss you and I want to start a garden right now. It made me anxious thinking about all the work. But how nice wld that be to know how to grow your own food? How nice is it?