Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girls Night Out

Before Jessie left to the East Coast for the summer we all got together for a girls night out!! It was one of our funnest dates together, lots of laughter and estrogen charged girl expression times:)
The stories started in the car and hardly ceased the whole night

Teya just saw me put this picture up and she says "I looove Jessie!"

Right as the picture was taken, Vanessa stuck a pen or something down my pants and the result was a shock mixed with the smile to create this monster look!! But mom looks wise with her sunglasses in the thinking position...

At the District having Chicago style pizza

We're desperately searching for a nearby Italian Ice location, but no luck... 

...so we settled for chocolate truffles. Still good.

I guess taking their photo in the dark theater wasn't such a good idea, they look displeased! This was our rare chance to see an uber chick flick without any moans or groans from the guys, so we went all out and saw "Letters to Juliet"

After the show we weren't quite ready to finish the fun, so we stopped in late at Applebee's just to order deserts and ice cream..... come on now, we're all Strattons!! Its just in our blood to eat ice cream in exuberant amounts!!

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