Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bella Lolita Leonard Lynn-lynn Merm Mamasita Turns 50 Beautifully

Mom, aka Lynnette, had her 50th birthday this August.  Its one of those years where we really wanted to let mom know how much we love her and appreciate her mothergood (...ha! I had a typo there, but decided to leave it because it actually explains her perfectly...she's a mothergood!)
Something that made our birthdays so special, because she made them ALL special for us, was the effort she put into making really cool cakes for us. We replicated one of these cakes, the famous Teddy Bear from Jessie's 4th birthday party!! Mmm, mm, mm, Oatmeal spice cake with coconut caramel frosting. Them is lovin words!!

We also made a questionnaire for her offspring to fill out, and other questions for the grandkids and son's-in-law. It was fun to watch her read all our thoughts and memories about her and to see each persons different personality in the answers. In short, if mom were an animal she'd either be a Butterfly, a Kitten, a Swan, a Flamingo, or a Quail!
I think Mom and Susan can pass for sisters!! They are so similar, in fact since the moment I met Sue a few years ago I've always said she reminds me of my mom in appearance and now I have the side by side photo to prove it :)

 Now There's a handsome man for you.

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susan catudal said...

Hmm--how come you didnt put up any photos with your Mum holding up her pressies?????