Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bella Lolita Leonard Lynn-lynn Merm Mamasita Turns 50 Beautifully

Mom, aka Lynnette, had her 50th birthday this August.  Its one of those years where we really wanted to let mom know how much we love her and appreciate her mothergood (...ha! I had a typo there, but decided to leave it because it actually explains her perfectly...she's a mothergood!)
Something that made our birthdays so special, because she made them ALL special for us, was the effort she put into making really cool cakes for us. We replicated one of these cakes, the famous Teddy Bear from Jessie's 4th birthday party!! Mmm, mm, mm, Oatmeal spice cake with coconut caramel frosting. Them is lovin words!!

We also made a questionnaire for her offspring to fill out, and other questions for the grandkids and son's-in-law. It was fun to watch her read all our thoughts and memories about her and to see each persons different personality in the answers. In short, if mom were an animal she'd either be a Butterfly, a Kitten, a Swan, a Flamingo, or a Quail!
I think Mom and Susan can pass for sisters!! They are so similar, in fact since the moment I met Sue a few years ago I've always said she reminds me of my mom in appearance and now I have the side by side photo to prove it :)

 Now There's a handsome man for you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Besides the Beach...

Our place came furnish with the basics, and hallelujah for that because we wont have to hunt down cheep finds on all the essentials for a while!! Everything is tiny: the tiny house, tiny kitchen supplies (our only pan fits one small chicken breast at a time, and the cookie sheet fits about 5 cookies at a time!), and Teya's favorite the tiny vacuum. Because it's just her size, she believes she's the only one allowed to vacuum!! Every time I pull it out she runs in and takes it from me insisting its her job.  Must note this: the two things here that are not tiny are the lanai (backporch) and the backyard. They're quite huge!  Since the table inside IS tiny and would fit one and half people, we eat outside everyday picnic style.
And then there's the not-so-tiny Harper face Lynn!! We love having her to play with. She's a sweet mellow happy baby, much like Teya was at the same age, and Teya just LOVES her. She tells me she's practicing how to be a big sister for when baby comes.
Rivers is topping the list for Teya on the Cool Uncle scale, I refer to him as the Child Whisperer. Maybe because he almost whispers a lot of the time, but whatever the magic Teya likes it! We watched Harps for a morning while Steph and Rivers were out, and when Rivers came back to our place, Teya ran into the backyard to greet him. She sauntered up to him without saying Hi first and with a very matter of fact expression on her face she says, "Everybody has nipples."
Yep, that's it. That's what was on her mind at the moment I guess, and she thought Rivers should know this crucial piece of information. So after a good laugh we concurred this fact and discussed how even llamas and cows have nipples. But lizards probably don't.

Then there's the matter of working out. The house didn't come stocked with tiny weights, so until Phil gets a student card to use the gym there he has to get creative. In his words "I'm going to get huge again! The 6 month break from the gym is over." So he's got two cinder blocks and Teya at his disposal. She's the weights!! He did all the manly moves, squats, pushups, etc, with Teya somehow hanging on him. She was having a blast and exclaimed, "You're my very own roller-coaster Daddy!!"

Our New Home

We've made it to our new home!! We're unpacked and already falling into the way and pace of life in Laie. Phil doesn't start school until the 15th of September, and he's still in the job hunt, so it essentially feels like an extended vacation right now until some sort of schedule picks up.

So far we've gone to the beach, then went to another beach, then went to the beach again, and every now & then we go to the beach. That pretty much sums up our week!!
We have our built in tour guides, Steph and Rivers, to show us around to the most important worth while and secret places. They've been the rock stars in this move making our transition out here so smooth and enjoyable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes I Am:)

Sooooooo, Tanya brought it to my attention that I've still not made a general announcement to the wide public...


I told the family a couple months ago, and then sorta forgot to make the official announcement assuming the grape-vine would do the job! Jessie and Rach have asked to see pics of my 4 1/2 month belly (19 weeks) and believe-you-me that is the ONLY reason I posed for these pictures... cause you're my Sisters and I love ya and you're both far away.

But I expect  some similar pictures in return very soon... eh hem, Jessie;)
Rach, I guess you can just get skinny now but you dont really need to take side shot pictures of that cause it'll just rub it in all our faces that you're back in skinny jeans one month after!

We're due January 16th... and we find if its boy or girl this Friday!  Last night Phil had his first baby-daddy moment: He felt the baby kick his hand nice and strong.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping in the Garden!!

Post Warning: This is a nerd-fest plantaholic post, it may seem long and boring to some, but I just have to document whats been done and unfortunately I can't think of a way to make it clever to ease the drudgery. 


This spring Jessica and I planted a garden together. We're both severely obsessed with all things PLANTS, and vegetable plants don't escape that obsession! If you're wondering about all the flowers in our veggie garden (because you're nerds like us so you were) they all serve a purpose: The marigolds are natural bug repellents, the dahlias are for cutting bouquets, and the nasturtium is for Eating!
We're experimenting with "box" or "square-foot" gardening this year.

The other 3 rows are on raised plateaus (the way the Mayans used to do it) to improve watering, easier to control dirt quality, less weeding, and make it easy to access everything

This is the whole garden, only right after we planted everything so it looks bare. NOW it's massive thick growing crazy overflowing everywhere... I'll have to take a picture of how it looks now. 

The bummer is that Jessica helped with all the initial hard work (the dirt work, rock clearing, plateau forming, seeding and planting...) but she moved before ANY of it grew to maturity and harvest so she didn't get to see the results of what she created! I've spent the entire summer religiously going to the garden every other day to water, weed, prune, shape, and debug. Teya has been the most loyal helper, like my little "chick" right by my side helping with everything! I'm glad she's been a part of it all because now that its time to pick everything she can see where food really "comes from" and what all the work was for. We'll be eating dinner and I tell her, "This is the tomato you grew! You made this Teya!"

Just today this is what we picked:
Garlic (in a baggy cause I can't stand the smell right now) Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Red & Green JalapeƱos, PICKLING Cucumbers (Phil & I will pickle them tonight:), Squash, Baby Pumpkins, three varieties of Onions, three varieties of Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Anaheim Peppers, and finally Shallots or Green Onions!!

And not to forget the Basil, which will go in with the tomato sauce tonight!!

Besides what I picked today, we regularly bring in Cilantro, Carrots, 6 other types of herbs, Tomatillos, Spaghetti Squash, Radishes, Beets, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Fennel, Kohl Rabi, & Gourds.

Soon to come we'll have full size Pumpkins & Watermelons!  The only thing I failed on was the Broccoli, I didn't keep it trimmed right and it went to flower before I could pick it:( 

Big gulps, huh? ....that's nice.....
.......Welp, See ya later.

Friday, August 6, 2010

So You Think Teya Can Dance?

She looked so tiny up on that massive stage!! I was giddy watching her be so brave, calm and collected up there. She felt like a real woman and a total Diva Chiquita! After an 9 months of dance lessons, this is the end result.... but it was worth it for the social & physical outlet that it was.  

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girls Night Out

Before Jessie left to the East Coast for the summer we all got together for a girls night out!! It was one of our funnest dates together, lots of laughter and estrogen charged girl expression times:)
The stories started in the car and hardly ceased the whole night

Teya just saw me put this picture up and she says "I looove Jessie!"

Right as the picture was taken, Vanessa stuck a pen or something down my pants and the result was a shock mixed with the smile to create this monster look!! But mom looks wise with her sunglasses in the thinking position...

At the District having Chicago style pizza

We're desperately searching for a nearby Italian Ice location, but no luck... 

...so we settled for chocolate truffles. Still good.

I guess taking their photo in the dark theater wasn't such a good idea, they look displeased! This was our rare chance to see an uber chick flick without any moans or groans from the guys, so we went all out and saw "Letters to Juliet"

After the show we weren't quite ready to finish the fun, so we stopped in late at Applebee's just to order deserts and ice cream..... come on now, we're all Strattons!! Its just in our blood to eat ice cream in exuberant amounts!!