Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let the Bed Rest Saga Begin!!

Day 1: We were celebrating Rachel's birthday at the Heder's house with all the girls. Lots of talking & catching up, Thai food eating, and hot tubbing. It was fantastic to see everyone again and I felt like I was back at home in an instant. Everyone was so sweet to Rachel, although we may have overdone it on the "Bed Rest" scale of things...

Day 2 through 5: Recovering from overdoing it!! 

The rest of the week we basically just hung around & covered the basics. Every day visitors and friends would come over to keep Rach company and help entertain the kids. It was a dream to have Chloe and Teya together, they're clearly cousins meant to be by watching how well they play together all day. Even Teya & Ezra got along amazingly when Chloe was out at school. Teya loves that little boy, and Ezra appreciated his special one on one time with his cousin too:) 

In the pics below, Teya looks like she belongs in a music video for some emo/punk/rock band where they're always at some old-school-Gothic-emo-masquerade-ball dancing to the sounds of their muse. 

The greatest baby-sitter in the world; introducing the Swengie's new playground!! The playground coupled with the "white-trash kiddie pool" (I'm quoting Rachel there) took care of the kids for hours on end.  Golden. 

             I had to document the bushy hair cousins, they both have these georgous long curly locks of hair just fluffing out in the humidity and carefree fun of childhood... or as we called it in the 80's, Wahh-hair!!

A fun moment in the lowering evening sun where the kids when tout-nue, the water and the lighting made for some sweet face shots!! 


Tanya said...

Teya is getting so big and more and more beautiful everyday, who knew that was even possible....I was sad I missed Rachel's party and seeing you while you were in.

susan catudal said...

what gorgeous photos!!I have beautiful grandkids--and about to have some more!!!Good job!!!

Cody and Jessie said...

I love all the pictures! The ones you took of the kids outside are so amazingly cute! They are all such pretty kids. That's fun you were able to get to gether with all your friends for a night :)

Sarah said...

Loved that you came back to LA to take care of Rachel because it meant that I got to hang out with you. Beautiful pics of the kids! Gorgeous! I swear you have to have an amazing body and be gorgeous to be in the Catudel family. Ha! Ha!