Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bro Bonding

A special moment captured. Phil the little brother getting a hair styling lesson from big brother Dave. Dave, always with the edge of style and fashion, gave Phil some wisdom on how to coif his hair to pure coolness. It was very entertaining to the women of course and it became a sort of spectacle!! What needs to be remembered when coiffing Phil's hair thought, is that Dave's is straight and Phil's is thick and curly... just the way I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!! I tell him on a daily basis, probably too often, how much I'm obsessed with his soft dark curly hair.
Squirt a dab of goo

Nervously Apply the goo

Now for the instruction on vamping up the style

and vamping up the volume!!

Hmmm, he doesn't look sold

Worriedly deciding... or maybe just testing out his GQ pose

Pointing out all the reasons why its so cool

The Spectators to this momunentous event

"See?! Like this!!" Dave's hair is effortlessly chouette. 

I have no words for these last pictures, except for the one where I look the freakiest is the same one Phil looks drop dead gorgeous in! Opposites attract :)  Is Rachel angelically singing us a victory song? 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dave and Simone

Now don't forget Dave, you have competition for Simone! Cohen still thinks she's his girlfriend. He's not one to give up his girl easily either. 
The Dynamic Duo of Dave and Simone: both rare-one-of-a-kind joys to be around!!