Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh What A Night...

The first night that the Catudal family flew in the wedding celebration was also my birthday. Ya, I was overly spoiled that week, Birthday AND a Wedding, AND all the showers and celebrations... then just a week later Valentines!! I did that on purpose, planned all the big lovey-dovey things together so February could be ME month!! Uh, not really, anywho
 Still having a b-day two days before getting married seemed a little unimportant and really took none of my thoughts or energy away from Saturday (... not to mention it made me seem even older than Phil right before the big day! What? Its the year of the Cougars!) Basically the night was a chill hang out with cake which quickly turned into a "get to know you" party in the best possible way. Suddenly, it's raining men, out of the blue we realize from left and right are men flying through the air attempting to touch the ceiling in our kitchen. A runway was cleared and the impromptu competition began. The steaks were high, as was the ceiling. This was brothers meeting brothers, men meeting men, that was all the motivation needed. I know you're thinking "Touching the ceiling, but whoop, I can do that any day on my tip toes..." (which I can and am doing right now in our basemen apartment.) But this ceiling is 10 feet tall at least and some of the bros there are measuring in at 5'9"... so it was a push, an entertaining one!

Then it quickly turned from touching the ceiling to a variety of other masculine activities like handstands on tiny chairs, handstands from a squat pose, push ups with both your legs in the air (Dave), and ARM WRESTLING!!!

This match between big and little bro was scary, really really scary... the roaring could be heard for miles around. Locked in the eternal battle. 
Then Phil vs. Brandon...

And lastly Cody vs Phil, which Cody won!!

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susan catudal said...

Lots of testosterone in that kitchen that day!
What a great weekend!!