Monday, April 12, 2010

My Girls aka The Loves of my Life!!

Ta-da!! The first of probably at least 10 posts on our wedding day!! Kevin Young our friend and photographer sent us our first of two disks. The images speak for themselves: Kevin is talented as a photographer as one could ever be!! His father and Phil's father were lifelong friends beginning from the age of toddlers, and now Kevin and Phil are keeping the bonds alive:) There are hundreds of pictures, and to do them all justice I want to choose the highlights and break it up into several posts with a specific focus each. Yikes, I haven't even gotten the second disk of pics yet... can't wait to see what treasures we find on there...

This section is dedicated you girls who all came out and partied with us. The friendships I have with you all are the truest I've ever had. Nuf said. I foresee a lot of beach and cruise getaways with us all together in the future. 

Here's to Rachel, who made this whole fiasco happen in the first place! She put her mind to it and used some of her mysterious magical powers, and BAM me and Phil are in love and married.

(Sarah was making us laugh through the tears by whispering "sweet nothings" and suggestions into our ears)
I love how everyone is different & unique, but it's still fluid and together, and how we're all in the same color scheme. The coolest part: everyone shopped their own dress with minimal suggestions from me!! Happy surprise:)


Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures. That first picture of Rachel is BEAUTIFUL! I love the pictures of you, me, and Rach embracing each other. I remember my emotions so much at that moment. I was just so happy, so thrilled for you and Phil. The journey you had come from was so long and so hard and you finally found the LOVE of your life. You and Phil are so perfect for each other. Your family is beautiful. Although, I do have to admit that in the pictures of the three of us, it does almost look like I'm trying to fondle your boob. But hey, what can I say? They are good boobs. What is with me and boobs?! Ha! Ha! No, I promise. I didn't even notice until I saw the picture. Such a great group of girls. I'm felt honored to be there.

Sarah said...

I just have to also add that the single shots of Pam and Al are really beautiful too. If I were Rach, Pam, and Al, I would blow those up and hang them up in my house next to other family pictures. Gorgeous girls!

Pam said...

WHHHAAATTT! Hello, I'm a loser! I was just thinking, "why doesn't Tawny ever update her blog (cause I have that auto update thing on mine)?" Then it hit me, SHE CHANGED HER BLOG ADDRESS!!! I'm so lame! All this time, all these posts!! I cant believe it! So now I will play catch up (and change your URL in my blog roll!). What a special time that was. I was honored to ba a part of it. And as for my picture, I'd like you to know that I've had those "crows feet" fixed with a little botox :)