Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ever Elusive!!

As if we didn't all already know this: Susan is on the Ball!! She's busy and knows exactly what going on at all times, which must be why there were the least amounts of pictures of her, because I'm sure she was dodging the camera whenever it came near. However, thanks to Kevin's quick trigger finger, we did manage to document a few moments of Nanny and prove that she was there :) She was either cooking, cleaning, tending the kids, or helping out in someway... all while telling some fascinating story.

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susan catudal said...

Its pretty obvious why there are few photos of me--I am SO unphotogenic!!!I am always captured in a weird grin,wrinkles and all,or looking like the Cheshire cat!
The less pics of me the better,I think--unless theyre Photoshopped!!!