Monday, April 12, 2010

Eeeks, Getting READY!

Getting ready for the ceremony was So-Much-FUN!! It was a feminine fest for sure. We had this dreamlike bridals room with 360 degrees of mirrors, all the priming material you could ever dream up ready at our disposal, magnifying mirrors (not so good), steamers, washrooms, and a whole table stocked with food perfect for satisfying the nervous munchies! It had exotic cheeses, salty crackers, plump juicy fruits, but the best part was the stocked tub of ice and drinks! Someone must've tipped off La Caille cause I'm sucker for anything in liquid form and quenching! It was a blast to have all my sisters, my two mammas, and my girlfriends all in there freaking out with me, getting prettied up as possible, and wishing me luck with the last minute butterflies. There was also lots of hugs, tears, and advise:)
The most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on, little Evianna

My Maid of Honor. To the hero in my life, she's been there for me before I even have time to make the call: she's protected me, taken care of and looked out for me every step of the way in life. We've been best friends since the day I was  born, each other's shadow (and mistaken for twins until we made it to high school ). We were at the same time opposites but shared everything in common. She was the better "twin" in my eyes, I looked up to her integrity and the way she stuck to the values she believed in no matter what, her humility, her kindness and selflessness, her intelligence and smarts.  Jessica has been my guide and confidante forever, I couldn't ask for a better friend or sister!!! From a young age we promised to marry boys that we first approved of so we could still be close as we ever were and our husbands could hang out. I think we've accomplished that goal:)

Now here's all the getting ready: Pam my stylist deserves all the credit for any compliments received (thanks for fixing me up!) AND for stepping in as last minute DJ for the procession. I told Phil, "Ask Pam to do it, cause she knows how to get things done!" Ally and Sarah made Teya look her best since, after all, it was her wedding day too. (Teya insisted she was getting married first since she got to walk down the isle first.)


susan catudal said...

it was a wonderful,fairy tale wedding!

Cody and Jessie said...

Wow! I'm loving all the wedding pictues you have posted so far! Your photographer did an amazing job capturing every moment. You are so sweet.. thanks for the nice things you said in this post. Love you too ;) It was an honor being you maid of honor! I'm excited to see the pictures on the disk yet to come, how many more great shots can there be?? And P.s. you looked crazy beautiful that day!

Sammie said...

Oh my goodness tawn, I think I bawled throughout this WHOLE entire post, especially coming to the part when you talked about jessie! I lost it! What an amazing bond you two have, and how amazing it is that you chose to be sisters in the spirit world! I am so lucky to have even had the pleasure to be around during a little part of your friendship/sisterhood. I love you both so much and these pictures are absolutely incredible! So cute Tawn, it is so amazing to see you so dang happy! Love you!