Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ever Elusive!!

As if we didn't all already know this: Susan is on the Ball!! She's busy and knows exactly what going on at all times, which must be why there were the least amounts of pictures of her, because I'm sure she was dodging the camera whenever it came near. However, thanks to Kevin's quick trigger finger, we did manage to document a few moments of Nanny and prove that she was there :) She was either cooking, cleaning, tending the kids, or helping out in someway... all while telling some fascinating story.

Rach & Bran

It's apparent how rad these two are by taking one look at their offspring. Or you can just look at THEM and see! Here you go:
I absolutely love this pic of Rachel!!

This Next Section is what I like to call "Can you Find Brandon's Funny face?!"


Words that come to mind when thinking of Ezra: FACE, Massive Smile, Strong, Dizzy, Ham, Goof-ball, Energy, Loving, Bear Hugs, Smarty Pants!!

Chloe & Teya

Teya and Chloe made very willing and natural models for Kevin. Cousins, cousins, cousins, it's still a funny thought to me... they used to be just best buddies and who woulda thunk??