Friday, March 19, 2010

Comment dit-on "dreamy?"

This man is pretty much all that's been occupying my time lately.

And this little girl, with her humor and imagination... sweet heart of a nugget!!

So, I still have about 90 events and stories to catch up on here, As I continue to await the arrival of any photo a family member might have from the past couple months of all the festivities (eh-HEM, still haven't seen a peep from all my many sistas out there... I'm thinking a trip to you's all's houses with a blank CD in hand might do the trick) Here's another glance at the two most important objects of my affection and time. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sneak Peak

While I wait to gather pictures from family (because I didn't touch my camera the entire past two months...sad...) and waiting on some photo editing software I'll give you this nice little glimpse of what the month of February was like for us!! This was the first night of family being in town... needless to say it got exciting and tricky really fast! Brandon started out in a crouching squat on the chair, then handstand-ed into the excellent move you see before you now!!

I love it: Phil's ready to catch Brandon, the tiny chair is about to bust, and Dave can hardly believe his eyes!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is just to prove that we are living human beings and can still functioning in society. We're pretty much on twidderpated-newlywed-cloud-nine-ville still so we're slow to emerge from our caved basement apartment, but we'll surface for air every now and then to say BONJOUR to the friends and family we love.

I'm excited to re-enter this world of blog-much!
(Peacock at La Caille on our Rehearsals. He spread it wide to show off and shook his booty, no exaggeration, his booty was shaking those feathers good!!)